Non-Traditional Music Business Tips.

Being a musician today is tough.

You have to go to gigs. Teach private lessons. Do other client work. AND handle all of the admin tasks.

It’s a lot. But sometimes, none of it is the right fit.

After years of experimenting with gigs, teaching, and even composing, I never found a music business or career that suited me.

I had to look outside of the industry to find what I truly love and then apply that to the music world: Blogging.

In 2018, I was applying for grad school. Not sure where I would end up, I looked for online jobs that I could do from anywhere.

I already had this blog and enjoyed working on it. So I applied for freelance gigs and landed one.

That gig lasted almost halfway through my master’s degree. Then, the company got shut down by the SEC for being a ponzi scheme (I had no part in that).

I managed to get multiple new blogging clients across all industries. Soon after, I even got some music blogging clients, and I was hooked.

Since graduating, I’ve been a full-time freelance blogger. It’s been great, but I want to use my blogs to help more people than just my clients.

Which Sounds Like You?

“I need your blogging services!”

“I want freelance tips!”

“I want gear recommendations!”

Hi! I’m Hannah.

I’m a young music entrepreneur passionate about taking the non-traditional path.

Why? Well, I’ve done just that since I was 13 years old.

I went to a tiny private high school in the middle of Kansas City. There was no concert band or orchestra, but there was a rock band, and that’s where my love of flute started to blossom. (I know, right?)

Instead of starting at a four-year college as a freshman, I transferred after two years at a community college.

And I started my masters in January, not August.

So it only makes sense that my career be non-traditional as well!

Want to learn more?

I hope you join the Hannah B Flute family so that you can build the non-traditional music business of your dreams!


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