Welcome to Hannah B Flute! This is the place for music promotion and education, specifically aimed for young adults. Hannah B Flute started as a blog, and it is in the process of going from blog to business. Some plans for the near future include the release of audio, eBooks full of advice for music lovers just like you and lessons to improve your skills.

I started Hannah B Flute back when I was a freshman in college, more than four years ago! Now, I’m a college graduate, and I am starting to work on building a career out of this lovely blog. I still post new blogs each week, and I have no intentions of stopping. I want the blog to be a free resource for all to come to and read whenever.

More Information

Hannah B Flute is for you if you:

  • Want to learn about classical music
  • Are curious about promoting and educating others on music
  • Love reading about creative hobbies
  • Are a creative person with an interest in learning a musical instrument

Hannah B Flute is not for you if you:

  • Already have an advanced music degree
  • Do not want to learn about music and music education
  • Feel as if the arts do nothing for society
  • Are more interested in promoting sports and academics

Products & services

I offer web content management services to musicians an so creative people who are unable to do it themselves. Packages include social media set up, post creation and scheduling, blog writing, and more.

Currently, I am working on developing a beginner method book for older flute students. There are tons of resources for younger students, but adult students tend to be forgotten. Let’s change that!

I have a couple of eBooks and online courses in the works for social media, blogging, and music promotion for professionals and aspiring musicians. If this is you, don’t hesitate to subscribe for updates on releases.

I hope you join the Hannah B Flute family and start your journey to a musical life full of creativity and harmony!


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