Flute Music Scores by a Flute Player.

Stop playing from music scores by composers who don’t know how the instrument works.

I know, most composers of flute music didn’t play the flute. But that’s slowly starting to change. Want to learn more about the flute and its music?

Music by dead white guys? The past is the past for a reason!

We all know and love the standards, like the Bach Sonatas and Mozart Concertos.

But now, there’s a new generation of composers in town. And this generation is more diverse and can help you and your students enjoy learning music again.

Classical music doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to play or teach the same standards the same way over and over.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been one to spend hours in a practice room. As a chronically ill person, I need to conserve my energy.

That means I had to learn efficient practice strategies to learn the standards. Now, I write and arrange music scores that are fun to play and DON’T require hours of practice to learn.

Which Sounds Like You?

“I need new music scores now!”

“I want something specific written or arranged.”

“I need help with my sheet music!”

Hi! I’m Hannah.

I’m your new favorite fierce and fantastical flutist, composer, and content creator.

I went to a tiny private high school in the middle of Kansas City. There was no concert band or orchestra, but there was a rock band, and that’s where my love of flute started to blossom. (I know, right?)

My bandmates and I got to write some fun songs, with titles like Spicy Peppers and Tangerine Sky. So when I got to college and played Romance or Polonaise and Badinerie, it was a bit of a culture shock.

No hate to classical music. But I did miss getting to write exciting flute solos. I composed and arranged a bit during college, but my passion really took off in grad school during the initial COVID-19 lockdowns.

Classes moving online meant I had more time to explore music outside of traditional flute performance. In early 2020, I self-published a few works and was hooked.

Instead of learning to compose for any random instrument, I chose to stick with what I know: the flute family.

My arrangements and compositions have been purchased by musicians from California to New York to Florida. Join the movement and check out some fun flute music scores!

Want to learn more about me?

I hope you join the Hannah B Flute family so that you can play new compositions!


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