Do Flute Different.

What does this mean? To do music different means to take your own path and take control over your musical life. It involves learning what you want to learn and playing what you want to play, rather than following a set curriculum.

As a flutist, writer, and content creator, I have experience using technology and the internet to teach people all over the world. Now, I work as a career mentor for busy musicians.

Whether you’re looking to become a performer, private teacher, or combine music with another interest, you can make it happen. There’s always something you can learn.

In the words of famous cellist Pablo Casals, “Because I think I am making progress.”

If you want to ditch spending hours in a practice room, I can help. I’ve struggled with managing my time and being productive. Now that I’ve found my groove, I create flute sheet music and guides to help other busy musicians do the same.

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More Information

Hannah B Flute is for you if you:

  • Want to make your practice more productive
  • Like to sleep (because deep down, you’re a sloth)
  • Don’t know what resources to use
  • Want tools and methods to help grow your career

Hannah B Flute is not for you if you:

  • Lack the commitment to improving your skills
  • Do not want to manage your time better
  • Believe you have to spend hours a day practice
  • Prefer old school music education and performance

Why Do I Need a Career Mentor?

A career mentor can help you focus on the most important tasks to help start and grow your career. Whether you want to land a full-time teaching job or work as a freelancer, you don’t have to go at it alone.

My career mentor services and resources come from a busy working musician, just like you. I know what to prioritize to make money now while growing my career (and income potential) for the future.

Oh, and I DON’T work 40 hours a week. So I know you don’t have to either.

And I rarely spend more than an hour a day practice. Because you don’t have to spend hours practicing to make improvements. I have experience practicing and working smarter, not harder. My experience has helped me improve my playing much faster.

And I can teach you how to make that happen for yourself.

But what if you can’t afford consultations? I offer many ways to learn, including workbooks, guides, and courses (coming soon).

No matter your budget or schedule, you can never learn or improve too much.

Products & Services

I currently have a few products and services, and I am working on sharing more productivity tips for busy musicians like you.

Let’s connect on Instagram!

Want flute sheet music and other digital downloads?

Want to start with free resources?

Want to learn more?

I hope you join the Hannah B Flute family and start your journey to a successful life of music!


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