Musical Instrument Mondays!-The Toy Piano

I want to have a small series of posts that will be going up over the course of April where I post a picture of a musical instrument and then a little background.

I decided to first post about the toy piano. There is a company called Schoenhut ( that makes all kinds of toy pianos as well as a toy harp that you can actually buy (as long as you sign up) I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Arizona recently where I saw one of these fine instruments. I have also had the experience of playing around with one because the music director at the school where I went to high school had a toy piano. My friend also had one when we were growing up.
I think that toy pianos are the cutest things! They are so small, and they are also a good idea if you want to try to learn piano, but do not have the money to purchase a full-sized piano/keyboard.
Here is a picture of the toy piano I saw at the MIM:



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