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For today’s post, I wanted to write a little bit about my favorite websites for free sheet music. I only have a few sites that I like, but they are all pretty comprehensive in the materials that they cover.
The first site I like is called 8notes ( I like this site for easy pieces that I just want to learn for pleasure and not necessarily for performance. I wouldn’t use pieces from this site in performance because a lot of them are transcriptions of pieces written for other instruments. This website is a good place to go if you are looking for inspiration as well.
The next site is the Petrucci Music Library ( This site definitely has a more comprehensive list of sheet music, some arrangements, some originals. You can search by more than just instrument and difficulty, and there are more instrumentations on here than on 8notes.
The last site I want to tell you guys about is mainly for flutists, flute teachers, and pianists who accompany flutists. It is called Free Flute Sheet Music ( This has a lot of flute solos, duets, trios, etc. as well as pieces with flute and keyboard, flute and bass, etc. you can search by difficulty, instrumentation, time period, written for flute, and more. I use this site for about 95% of my flute sheet music at the moment.
I hope this gave you a few resources to check out for your sheet music needs. I am sorry the list was so short, but honestly, those are the only sheet music sites I need.
If you have any other sheet music websites you like-free or otherwise-comment down below and let me and other readers know.
Thanks for reading!

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