How My Day Job has Helped My Music Career

Well friends, I have officially worked as a bank teller for a year. While that milestone is not a huge deal, it is something to remember. I have learned a lot in my year as a bank teller, and a lot of it will help me as I grow my music career.

Hannah B Flute | How My Day Job Has Helped My Music Career

Some of the lessons I’ve learned are obvious: be a nice person. Others are not so obvious. Either way, I am going to talk about how my day job has helped my music career.

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Should You Have a Website?

The internet is amazing. You have access to a world of information, all at the tap of a button. You also have the ability to reach reach people all over the world, all at the tap of a button. That is why you, yes, YOU need a website…and a blog.

Should You Have a Website? | Hannah B Flute

I have been blogging for about five years now, and it has helped me grow not just as a writer but also as a musician and teacher. A blog allows you to share updates with students and followers. Continue reading “Should You Have a Website?”

What is Music Cognition?

Musicians today are quite lucky. There are many different paths that we can take to pursue our passion. We are not “stuck” with just teaching and performing anymore. Music cognition is one of the up and coming fields that musicians can go into.

Hannah B Flute | What is Music Cognition?

I have become really interested in music cognition, and yes, music and science DO mix! In this post, I am going to talk about the basics of music cognition, share some of my favorite resources, and answer some questions you might have. Continue reading “What is Music Cognition?”

Rapid (5 Minute) Warm Ups

If you are like most musicians today, you have a lot going on. Sadly, we don’t always have hours to practice. We also don’t have tons of time for warm ups be it for a practice session, rehearsal, or a performance.

Hannah B Flute | Rapid Warm Ups

That’s why I have experimented over the past year with different warm up ideas and have found what works for me. Today, I am going to share some rapid warm ups with you for when you don’t have much time to practice. Continue reading “Rapid (5 Minute) Warm Ups”