Jobs for Music School Students

Music school keeps you busy, but sometimes you have to work. Financially, you might not be able to afford to not work. The best jobs for music school students are flexible and understanding of your busy schedule.

Hannah B Flute | Jobs for Music School Students

I have had multiple different jobs while in music school, and I can say I’m happy to work while a music student. I’m not one of those people who can live music from morning until night. I need a break, and a part time job is a great outlet for me. Continue reading “Jobs for Music School Students”

Why Music?

Recently, I started my first semester of my masters degree in music. One of my classes this semester is called Music Analysis for Performers, and we had an interesting discussion regarding our decision to pursue a music career.

Hannah B Flute | Why Music?

That class and discussion got me thinking about why I am where I am. Why did I leave my full time job to pursue a masters in music? What do I want out of this experience? Continue reading “Why Music?”

How to Pay for a Masters of Music

A masters degree can do a lot of good for your music career. Before you start graduate school, it’s important to know how to pay for a masters of music.

Hannah B Flute | How to Pay for a Masters of Music

I took time off from school so that I would have a good reason to spend those two years in school. Now, I’m in my masters, and I know I made the right choice. Continue reading “How to Pay for a Masters of Music”

Musician’s Guide to Playing When You’re Sick

There will come a time in almost every musician’s life when you get sick but you still have to play you’re instrument. Whether you have an important performance or simply a lesson, here’s your guide to playing when you’re sick.

Hannah B Flute | Guide to Playing When You're Sick

With winter upon us, it’s important that we all stay healthy. However, if you do get sick, you need to be prepared for playing when you’re sick. Continue reading “Musician’s Guide to Playing When You’re Sick”