How to Play Piccolo (when you really don’t like it)

You’ve heard you have to play piccolo. But you don’t like how high pitched it sounds. So you avoid it as much as you can.

Even though you know how important it is.

Hannah B Flute | How to Play Piccolo

I get it. The piccolo is higher pitched than flute, but that doesn’t mean it’s the devil’s instrument. Continue reading “How to Play Piccolo (when you really don’t like it)”

Academic vs. Blog Writing for Musicians

Formal or casual? What’s your preferred way to write? Writing for musicians is an essential skill. Even though you may not be a professional writer, you have to articulate your thoughts clearly and efficiently.

Hannah B Flute | Academic vs. Blog Writing for Musicians

Academic writing requires a formal tone while blog writing can be more casual. Musicians should be able to write in a variety of styles to fit the context. You don’t want to write an email the same way as you would a paper. Continue reading “Academic vs. Blog Writing for Musicians”

How to Choose a Music School

With auditions right around the corner, you might be thinking about which music school you will end up at. While you might not get your admission results for another month or two, you should still think about how to choose a music school.

Hannah B Flute | How to Choose a Music School

There’s no single best music school. We all have different goals and personalities. The music school you choose should support your goals and fit with the rest of your life. Continue reading “How to Choose a Music School”

Flute Bag Necessities

Now that I’m back in music school, there are a few flute bag necessities that I like to keep on hand. From instruments to accessories, I keep quite a bit of stuff in my flute bag.

Hannah B Flute | Flute Bag Necessities

You might have different necessities than me, and that’s okay. I’m sharing my flute bag necessities to give you some inspiration for what to keep in your bag. Continue reading “Flute Bag Necessities”