Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide

Starting the flute can be overwhelming. There are so many instruments to choose from, and they can be expensive. But starting the flute doesn’t have to be that hard.

Hannah B Flute | Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide

Of course, you need a good instrument and some accessories. And if you have the determination to start, you can do so and save some money in the process. Continue reading “Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide”

How to Adjust to a New Practice Schedule

Whether you’re in music school, starting a job, or looking for a change, you may have to set a new practice schedule. With more/new responsibilities, you may have to adjust your current schedule.

Hannah B Flute | How to Adjust to a New Practice Schedule

And that’s perfectly normal. But change can be difficult. Especially if you’re used to the same old routine. Continue reading “How to Adjust to a New Practice Schedule”

Best Flute Bag (or Backpack)

It’s August, which means school is right around the corner. Even if you’re out of school, it can be a good time to test out new things or switch up your routine. In either case, you need to start using the best flute bag.

Hannah B Flute | Best Flute Bag

The best flute bag for you will have the space and compartments you need. You can organize your instruments and accessories. And hopefully, you can be stylish, too…if you want. Continue reading “Best Flute Bag (or Backpack)”