Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved

For awhile, many flute players learned the flute and piccolo, and that was that. But now that the alto flute is gaining popularity, more flutist have to choose the right alto flute headjoint for them.

Hannah B Flute | Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved

Whether you like the sound of a straight headjoint or the comfort of the curve, it’s an important decision to make. Because unfortunately, it’s not always easy to buy another headjoint, especially for low flutes. Continue reading “Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved”

How to Buy a Used Flute

As a flute/piccolo/alto flute player, I have a lot of instruments. And those instruments didn’t come cheap. Because of that, I know how important it is to know how to buy a used flute.

Hannah B Flute | How to Buy a Used Flute

While I am the first owner of all of my current instruments, I have played used flutes in the past. They can be an excellent way to save money on an instrument. Continue reading “How to Buy a Used Flute”

How to Survive Midterms for Musicians

It’s October, which means midterms are almost here. You may have a concert, and you probably have a test or two. So, how do you survive midterms?

Hannah B Flute | How to Survive Midterms

It’s not easy. Especially if you have multiple ensembles, tons of classes, and a job. But there are some things you can do to better survive midterms. Continue reading “How to Survive Midterms for Musicians”