Blogging for Musicians: What Is SEO?

As you dive into the world of blogging, you will come across many terms that you’ve probably never heard before, like SEO. But what is SEO exactly?

What Is SEO? Blogging for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which can be hard to explain. Using SEO practices can help your blog posts rank better in search results, which can get you more page views and eventually more customers or clients. Continue reading “Blogging for Musicians: What Is SEO?”

Why Play Piano as a Second Instrument

Whether you major in music in college or not, it can be helpful to play piano. Music majors need to learn the instrument as part of their degree, but playing piano can help amateur flutists and musicians, too.

Why Play Piano as a Second Instrument | Hannah B Flute

If you want to play piano, either as a first or second instrument, you should. And unless you major in music, you don’t have to play piano if you don’t want to. Even music majors can get away with playing piano enough to pass their piano requirements. Continue reading “Why Play Piano as a Second Instrument”