How to Play Flute: Assembly + First Notes

The flute is an amazing instrument, but it can be hard to start playing. if you want to learn how to play flute, you should start with the basics.

How to Play Flute | Hannah B Flute

You don’t have to know a ton about music theory, but it will take some practice at the beginning. The flute is a woodwind, so you have to breathe into a hole to produce a sound.

You also change the position of your fingers to create different notes. If you want the full tutorial, you can watch the video.

But there are also some things to keep in mind when learning how to play flute.

Start With the Headjoint

The headjoint is the part of the flute that you blow into. If you can’t seem to get a good sound with the flute together, practice on just the headjoint so that you don’t have to worry about the placement of your fingers.

Assemble the Flute Carefully

When you learn how to play flute, you also learn how to put it together. Whenever to assemble or disassemble the flute, make sure to only touch the smooth parts. That way, you won’t bend the keys or rods on accident.

Take it Slow

If you want to know how to play flute, you should learn at your own pace. Some people pick things up very quickly, but it takes longer for others. To avoid getting frustrated, do what you can, and other stuff can come later.

Get a Teacher

If you really want to learn how to play flute, you need a good private teacher! Unfortunately, many band directors are NOT flute players, so they don’t know all of the details of flute playing.

A flute teacher can also recommend some fantastic beginner flute books, and they can guide you through how to play flute as a beginner.

If you want to learn flute online, I’m accepting new students into my studio!


Do you want to learn how to play flute? Check out the video tutorial, and visit the Lesson Studio page to enroll in private lessons!


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