About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah Haefele! (My last name rhymes with safely, FYI!)

I spent ten years bouncing between different instruments before I started playing flute. Among others, I played violin, piano, drums, and saxophone. I took private lessons, sang in elementary school choir, and played in beginning strings class.

After starting saxophone, I joined my small high school’s contemporary music class. With a class size of eight, we didn’t have enough people for a concert band. It was during a break between band rehearsals that I first picked up the flute. I found my director’s old flute from college (a Bundy), and I fell. In. Love.

The truth is, I wanted to play flute in elementary school, but my mom said no. Luckily, those ten years of playing other instruments taught me a lot about being a musician, like reading music, and that experience catapulted my flute studies.

Since I started so “late,” I had to learn how to practice well so that I could catch up with my peers. I started college at a community college, and I got to school early so that I could snag the best practice room. But I had a part time job, so I couldn’t spend all of my time practicing. I had to work hard AND efficiently if I wanted this dream to become a reality.

That hard work paid off when I made co-principal chair of the Emporia State University Wind Ensemble after only five years of playing the flute. Seven months after that, I earned my bachelors of music (BM) in flute performance.

At ESU, I also performed with the Emporia Symphony Orchestra and the Emporia State University Flute Choir. In 2017, I was a soloist with the ESU Flute Choir.

After a year and a half out of school, I left my job as a bank teller to pursue a masters in flute performance. That year off was necessary for me to grow as both a flutist and as a person. I got to do a lot of writing and flute projects including releasing my first original composition online. I have even been published in Huffington Post and The Flute View.

I’ve also learned even more about how to manage my time in and out of the practice room. Of course, I’m still learning, but you have to start somewhere.

Since starting my masters degree at University of Nebraska at Omaha, I have performed as piccolo/flute with the Heartland Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Heartland Community Flute Choir.

My principal teachers include Dr. Christine Erlander Beard, Dr. Catherine Bergman, and Dr. Gina Hart-Kemper. I’ve performed in masterclasses for Leone Buyse, Shannon Finney, Nancy Mulholland, and others.

In addition to pursuing my masters, I’m a freelance flutist, private instructor, and writer based in the Omaha area.

The HBF Mission

Old-school music education was about following a specific set of guidelines, but those guidelines can leave behind otherwise great musicians. After feeling stuck and unmotivated in middle school, I found a hidden gem in the form of a private high school that focused on tailoring projects and lessons to the students. My success and happiness at the school changed my life and the way I think about education.

Now, I’m using that experience to change the lives of music students all around the world.

Instead of using a single curriculum, I tailor lessons based on where YOU are in your studies, what YOU want to learn, and how YOU can best get there. I’ll be your biggest fan as we go on a journey of musical development and enjoyment.

To provide this type of education to as many students as possible, I offer online lessons on flute, other concert flutes, and non-concert flutes. I’ll work with you to schedule lessons, and I’ll join the crew of your music-learning ship. We’re in this together.

Can’t commit to live lessons? I also offer performance checks, personalized feedback to recordings that you submit.

Can’t afford lessons or performance checks? I have a growing library of digital downloads to help you learn flute on your own time and in your own way. That way, you’re in control.

Looking for help with a music blog? I’m also a freelance music blogger, and I would love to work with you to create the blog of your dreams!

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