About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I spent ten years bouncing between different instruments before I started playing flute. I played violin, piano, drums, and saxophone. I took private lessons, sang in elementary school choir, and played in beginning strings class.

After starting saxophone, I joined my small high school’s contemporary music class. With a class size of eight, we didn’t have enough people for a concert band. It was during a break between band rehearsals that I first picked up the flute. I found my director’s old flute from college (a Bundy), and I fell. In. Love.

The truth is, I wanted to play flute in fifth grade, but my mom said no. (She claims it’s because I said I wouldn’t practice it…okay Mom) Anyway, those ten years taught me a lot about being a musician, like reading music, and that experience catapulted my flute studies.

Since I started so “late,” I had to learn how to practice well so that I could catch up with my peers. I started college at a community college, and I got to school early so that I could snag the best practice room. But I had a part time job, so I couldn’t spend all of my time practicing. I had to work hard AND efficiently if I wanted this dream to become a reality.

That hard work paid off when I made co-principal chair after only five years of playing the flute. Seven months after that, I earned my bachelors of music (BM) in flute performance.

Since graduating, I have done a lot of writing and flute projects including the online release of my first original composition to over 750 people. Elsewhere, my writing has been featured in Huffington Post and The Flute View.

The HBF Mission

My mission here at Hannah B Flute is to help other flutists and musicians practice more effectively so they can get more done in less time. I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. If you don’t practice well, you could waste hours of your life to the practice room. Not good.

Plus, being a musician involves more than playing your instrument well. You have to contact potential students and clients, schedule lessons and gigs, and work on the business side of being a musician.

Even if you’re not a professional, you can’t just play your instrument anymore.

So I’m building a library of resources for busy musicians who don’t have much time to practice.


I am working on a ton of awesome content. Just. For. You.

Some upcoming projects include ebooks, sheet music, flute exercises, and a whole lot more!

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