Arrangements & Recordings

Do you need to hire a flute player to perform? How about arrange music for yourself, your students, or an ensemble?


Do you need an arrangement or original composition for your next performance?

Arrangements of popular pieces can help you learn more music. And you can share them with your students.

If you want to broaden your musical repertoire, I also do some original compositions.

I specialize in composing and arranging for flute and other woodwinds. As a flute player, woodwinds are what I know the most about. That way, I can accurately arrange music that’s easy to play for the instrument.


Remote recordings and performances have become more and more popular. Because of that I am pleased to offer remote recordings and concerts on flute, piccolo, and other flutes as requested.

I am a solo flute player, but I can record multiple tracks. Here’s how you can use these recordings:

  • Examples to show your private or classroom music students
  • Unique recordings to use for yourself
  • Background music for videos on YouTube or social media
  • Ambient music for corporate meetings or events
  • A full private concert from the comfort of your living room
  • Whatever else you can think of

If you want a professional flute player for a short recording or a full concert, you’ve come to the right place. A solo flutist, I focus on solo and small ensemble music for various flutes.

Recordings can be single or multiple tracks. Concerts will be solo.

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