How to Use a Music Practice Log

You pull out your instrument and go to practice. But you end up wasting time deciding what to work on. So you refer to your music practice log to inform your practice session.

Practicing can be exciting but also stressful for many musicians. You have to figure out what to practice, and you may not get everything done. Continue reading “How to Use a Music Practice Log”

Should You Use a Practice Planner?

You have a performance or recording coming up. And you’re far from ready, but you don’t have much time to practice. So you grab your practice planner and get to work.

Should You Use a Practice Planner? | Hannah B Flute

It sounds like a nightmare situation. But our busy, modern world means musicians can’t spend all day practicing. Continue reading “Should You Use a Practice Planner?”

Gift Guide for Musicians 2020

The year 2020 is one for the history books. It started off relatively normally, but the pandemic changed everything. This gift guide for musicians reflects some of the changes musicians have had to make.

Gift Guide for Musicians 2020 | Hannah B Flute

From technological gifts to practical ideas, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a musician, you can put one or more of these things on your wish list. And if know a musician, you can use these ideas when holiday shopping. Continue reading “Gift Guide for Musicians 2020”

How to Start Your Music Career

Majoring in music is difficult, but you can be successful in school. But being able to start your music career is a different story. You need to know what you want to do and how to do it.

How to Start Your Music Career | Hannah B Flute

Starting any career can be tough. But the music industry is even harder, with orchestras shutting down and university jobs requiring more and more experience. Continue reading “How to Start Your Music Career”

Music Careers You May Not Have Considered

When you go to music school, you may only hear about becoming a teacher or performer. And if you don’t want either of those music careers, you may feel like you shouldn’t study music.

Music Careers You Haven't Considered | Hannah B Flute

However, there are plenty of other music careers you can pursue. You don’t have to get an orchestral job or become a professor. It doesn’t matter if you have other interests; you can find the right path for you. Continue reading “Music Careers You May Not Have Considered”