How to Adjust to a New Practice Schedule

Whether you’re in music school, starting a job, or looking for a change, you may have to set a new practice schedule. With more/new responsibilities, you may have to adjust your current schedule.

Hannah B Flute | How to Adjust to a New Practice Schedule

And that’s perfectly normal. But change can be difficult. Especially if you’re used to the same old routine. Continue reading “How to Adjust to a New Practice Schedule”

Best Flute Bag (or Backpack)

It’s August, which means school is right around the corner. Even if you’re out of school, it can be a good time to test out new things or switch up your routine. In either case, you need to start using the best flute bag.

Hannah B Flute | Best Flute Bag

The best flute bag for you will have the space and compartments you need. You can organize your instruments and accessories. And hopefully, you can be stylish, too…if you want. Continue reading “Best Flute Bag (or Backpack)”

How to Combat Dry Lips

Imagine this…you just got out of a meeting or class and you have some time to practice flute. So you head to a practice room, put your flute together, and realize that your dry lips don’t feel so good.

Hannah B Flute | How to Combat Dry Lips

We all struggle with dry lips at some point. But as flute players, it’s important to know how to self-treat your dry lips so you can get back to playing. Continue reading “How to Combat Dry Lips”

Flute 101 Review: The Perfect Method for Flutists?

Hey flutists! Have you ever wondered if there was a perfect method book? Unfortunately, the perfect method book probably doesn’t exist, but Flute 101 might come close.

Hannah B Flute | Flute 101 Review

This method book is growing in popularity and for good reason. It teaches the flute in a logical progression, and it has amazing tips for teachers and students alike. Continue reading “Flute 101 Review: The Perfect Method for Flutists?”