How to Choose Flute Repertoire

If you’re in music school for flute, you may have the chance to choose flute repertoire for yourself. Even amateur flutists will probably have an opportunity to choose their own pieces at some point. Being able to choose pieces is great, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

How to Choose Flute Repertoire | Hannah B Flute

There are many things to consider when you choose flute repertoire, from the performer to the venue. Some pieces are more appropriate in certain situations, so you have to think about different elements before you choose your program. Continue reading “How to Choose Flute Repertoire”

Blogging for Musicians: What Is a Blog?

As a musician, I do a lot of teaching and performing. But I’m also a blogger, so I do a lot of blogging and general writing. Still, you may be wondering, what is a blog?

What Is a Blog? | Hannah B Flute

A blog is versatile online platform that anyone can start and use. You can post almost anything you want on a blog. That could include tips and tricks or personal updates. Continue reading “Blogging for Musicians: What Is a Blog?”

forScore: Beginner’s Guide

With the advancement of the internet and tablets like the iPad, more musicians are starting to go digital with their sheet music libraries. I am a part of the “revolution,” and many of us have taken to one particular app: forScore.

forScore: Beginner's Guide | Hannah B Flute

forScore is a digital sheet music reader, and it’s a must-have for any musician that uses an iPad for sheet music. If you want to convert part or all of your music to PDFs, you need this app. Continue reading “forScore: Beginner’s Guide”

Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians?

While music blogs may not be as popular as food or fashion blogs, they can still be useful. Music bloggers can share tips and tricks to educate their readers. A music blogger can also use their blog to grow their overall career.

Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians? | Hannah B Flute

When done right, music blogs can be free resources for the internet. But they can still be a source of income for the blog owner. Speaking of which… Continue reading “Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians?”

Is Majoring in Music Right for You?

Are you thinking about majoring in music? Music can be an excellent degree, and you can learn a lot. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

Is Majoring in Music Right for You? | Hannah B Flute

Majoring in music requires a lot of time and energy that other degrees don’t require. You may have to miss out on other fun college experiences. For many music majors, those sacrifices end up being worth it. Continue reading “Is Majoring in Music Right for You?”