How to Write About Music

The internet has made it easier than ever to put your music out there and start a career. It’s even easier to do that if you also know how to write about music.

How to Write About Music | Hannah B Flute

Being a professional musician requires more than playing your instrument. Writing is one of those things that can help you get gigs and even become a source of income too. Continue reading “How to Write About Music”

6 Reasons Why You Need a Music Blog

The internet has been an amazing tool for musicians. You can build a private teaching studio or find playing gigs online! If you want to take full advantage of the internet, you need to have a music blog.

Why You Need a Music Blog | Hannah B Flute

A music blog can be whatever you want it to be. You can share career updates or provide advice for your ideal audience. Even if you don’t have a career yet, you can grow your music blog to help start your career. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why You Need a Music Blog”

5 Signs You Should Change Your Career Path

Throughout my college experience, I wanted to become a private flute/music teacher. I wanted my career path to focus on teaching private lessons either through a community school, for myself or perhaps for a college or university.

Should You Change Your Career Path? | Hannah B Flute

That career goal fueled my desire to go back for my masters in music after a year and a half out of school. And at the end of my first semester of grad school, I landed a job teaching private lessons. But it wasn’t what I expected. Continue reading “5 Signs You Should Change Your Career Path”

12 Female Composers Classical Musicians Should Know

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of emotions for American women. The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg should light a fire in us, and that fire should extend to our musical pursuits. One way to do that? Learn about female composers.

12 Female Composers to Know | Hannah B Flute

While male composers have been more popular throughout history, women are just as capable of writing great music. These female composers are just the beginning. Continue reading “12 Female Composers Classical Musicians Should Know”

iPad Review for Musicians

As a musician, you have a lot of gear to carry. Add sheet music to that, and you could hurt your back. But in this iPad review, I’ll share a few ways you can use an iPad to lighten your load.

iPad Review for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

Not only can you use an iPad for sheet music, but you can also use it as a tuner. You can buy digital files or scan paper music, and you can keep everything in one place. Continue reading “iPad Review for Musicians”