Is Attending the NFA Convention Worth It?

If you’re a flute player, you should attend the NFA Convention. You don’t have to go every year, but going at least once has a lot of benefits.

Is the NFA Convention Worth It? | Hannah B Flute

But there are also a lot of drawbacks, such as the cost. Consider why you may or may not want to attend a flute convention.

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Flute Maintenance vs. Piccolo Maintenance

Flute maintenance is something every player should learn. Even if you’re a beginner, you need to at least know the basics.

Piccolo vs. Flute Maintenance | Hannah B Flute

The right care can help make your flute last longer. And you can go longer between trips to your flute technician, so you can save money. But flute and piccolo care can differ.

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PFA-201S: Pearl Alto Flute Review

Do you want to explore a different part in flute choir or play some lower notes? You might want to buy a Pearl alto flute, like the PFA-201S.

PFA-201: Pearl Alto Flute Review | Hannah B Flute

It’s an affordable, durable option that can sound great. However, don’t rush to buy it without determining if it will be a good purchase for you.

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