7DCC #4 Day 4: Transportation?

This day of the series is all about how to transport items from your home to your dorm. I am not moving very far from where I live, but at the same time, it is probably not the most realistic idea to think that on move in day, I can just make two trips. Because of this, my family and I will probably end up taking two cars. My dad drives an SUV type car and my mom will probably use the family’s CR-V for the rest of the stuff. I haven’t really figured too much out in the transportation department, but my guess is that we will pack as much as we can into one car, see if everything fits. If not, we will put stuff in a second car.
Not too much today, but I don’t think that transporting all of my stuff will be a problem. The biggest items are the fridge and the microwave, so those will definitely be loaded into the car first, and the rest of the stuff will fit in around in. One way or another, I will be all moved in in four days!
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The F Word.

I’m a feminist. There’s no point in putting off saying it. I’m a feminist and a proud one at that. Growing up, I think I had an environment that allowed me to explore the greatness that is being female. In my family, there has been me, my little sister, and my mom and dad. The girls had power in numbers alone, but that’s not where the feminist influences stopped. Ever since before I was born, my mom has been the primary breadwinner for my family. My dad has also had jobs throughout my life, but from the time I was three or four until my junior year of high school, my dad was a stay at home dad. He worked odd jobs on occasion once my sister and I were in school, but he would always take off early to pick us up by the front doors. I think I always knew that I was in some way different than my classmates. All of their moms would stand by the school waiting for their kids while mine was working in her office to support us. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely thankful that my mom was able to do what she does and still be a good parent.

I believe that this family structure had a huge impact on the formation of my views on gender equality. I love the fact that I have grown up in an environment where I am able to express my femininity and be proud to be a girl. We have come a long way, but we are in what is still very much a man’s world.
I really want to see people talk about feminism and how it is a good thing, not just for girls, but for boys, too. The feminist movement is not about proving that girls are better, it is about giving all people, regardless of gender, equal treatment and equal rights.
What are your thoughts on the feminist movement? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Thanks for reading!
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7DCC #3 Day 5: Organization

So, I have not started packing anything yet, but I have a plan in my mind of how I would like to pack things. I am going to outline that plan here.
For clothes, I plan on putting those in a duffel bag and for overflow, I will be putting the rest into one of my suitcases, either my carry-on size one or my bigger one. I might try to have my fancy clothes travel in their own garment bags, if that is possible. For shoes, I will be putting them in baggies to keep the dirt off of my clothes surrounding them. If you want to read more about what clothes I will be bringing, check out my last post in this countdown.
I plan on putting as much of my office supplies into my backpack and overflow will go into a suitcase, unless I decide to bring a tote bag (in which case overflow of books will go there). I will also do the same with my music books and accessories. As far as the instruments themselves, my flutes will probably go into a suitcase or ride on their own.
Things like my wallet, driver’s license, student id, money, and other small things will go in my purse. My planner will either go in there or with my office supplies. I will also try to put things that I might need often in my purse so that I can get to them quickly.
Other small items will probably end up in a suitcase or inside a larger item. My microwave and fridge will both be on their own. I might need a few boxes in which to put my bedding and other things that don’t fit inside the convenient rolling suitcase.
I cannot make any concrete plans yet, because I think that most of my packing will be done this coming weekend, when both of my parents will be home all day to help me out. I know this was probably not the most interesting post, but it is what I have at the moment.
P.S. I will still be uploading an entry to my Thoughtworthy series later today.
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7DCC #2 Day 6: Clothes!

I am not as big of a clothing buyer/hoarder as most girls, so picking out clothes is not as hard as it could be. I have my clothes that I wear almost every week and I switch a few pieces out depending on my mood. I plan on taking the following when it comes to clothes:
10-12 camisoles
10-12 tee-shirts/tops
1-2 nice tops (one black or white, one colorful)
2-3 think cardigans/throw-on jackets
2-3 bras
14+ pairs of underwear
2-3 pairs of jean shorts
5 pairs of leggings
1? pair of jeans
2 pairs of athletic shorts
1 black skirt
1 nice dress
1-2 (maybe more) shirts to sleep in
1 robe

If you want to include shoes, I plan on bringing:
1 pair of flip flops to wear as flip flops
1-2 pairs of shower flip flops
2 pairs of comfy flats (I have a pair of black ballet-like flats and a pair of grey Bobs)
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of nicer sandals
1 pair of closed-toed formal shoes (I still need to buy these)

As I stated at the beginning, I don’t buy a ton of clothes, I really just buy the things I need and I buy new things when my old clothes wear out. Because of this, I will probably be taking most of the clothes that I wear on a regular basis.
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7DCC #1 Day 7: My Personal Dorm Packing List

I decided to do the 7 Day College Countdown, but as a week of blog posts instead of as seven YouTube videos. Over the course of the summer, I have been doing quite a bit of dorm shopping. I have broken up those trips, though, because my family is not big on long shopping trips. Now that most of my shopping is done (I will probably be picking things up here and there once the semester starts), I decided to make a list of everything that I will be taking to the dorm. In addition to this list, I have a list of things I still need to buy before I move, and those items will be marked with an *.

Disclaimer: I am a transfer student majoring in music at a small public university. This list is just what I am taking.

Bike lock*
Sheets (2 sets)
Mattress pad
Pillows (2)
Floor lamp
Trash can
Light bulbs*
Laundry pods
Tide to go* (stain remover stick)
Plugin air freshener*
Small garbage bags*

Clothes (comfortable clothes for the week, athletic clothes for marching band, clothes for concert band*, and at least one nice outfit for fancy events)
Hanging closet organizer
Shoes (flip flops, tennis shoes, a couple of comfy slip ons, fancy dress sandals, fancy closed-toed shoes*)
Pajamas/clothes to sleep in

Desk lamp w/ storage
Laptop w/ charger
Ethernet cable*
iPad w/ charger
iPhone w/ charger
Headphones and/or earbuds
Mini fridge
Chip clips
Water pitcher*
Water bottle
Plastic cup(s) for water
Paper plates*
Paper towels*
Tupperware container*
Storage bin for food
Prescription medications
Shower caddy
Face wash
Nail clippers
Towels (2 full body, 2 wash cloths, 2 hair towels)
Notebook paper
Manuscript paper
Post it flags
Sheet protectors
Flutes (one for concert/inside, one for marching/outside)
Sheet music* (I have some, but there is always more music to be purchased)
As you probably noticed, under school supplies I put all of my music-related items as I am going to be a music major. I hope to figure out what I do and don’t need in an upperclassman single dorm, and I plan on writing about those things either at the end of the semester or the end of the school year.
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