Musical Instrument Mondays!-The Toy Piano

I want to have a small series of posts that will be going up over the course of April where I post a picture of a musical instrument and then a little background.

I decided to first post about the toy piano. There is a company called Schoenhut ( that makes all kinds of toy pianos as well as a toy harp that you can actually buy (as long as you sign up) I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Arizona recently where I saw one of these fine instruments. I have also had the experience of playing around with one because the music director at the school where I went to high school had a toy piano. My friend also had one when we were growing up.
I think that toy pianos are the cutest things! They are so small, and they are also a good idea if you want to try to learn piano, but do not have the money to purchase a full-sized piano/keyboard.
Here is a picture of the toy piano I saw at the MIM:



Hercules Travlite Flute Stand Review

For this blog post, I wanted to review one of my favorite prices of gear: my compact flute stand! I bought this stand off of Amazon awhile ago and I have been loving it ever since!
Here is the link to where I got it:
I will put some pictures of the stand at the bottom.
This stand is awesome because the stand folds up and fits right inside the foot joint: C-foot or B-foot. That means it doesn’t take up any extra room in your flute case! The stand comes with instructions on how to open it, but after the first time, it becomes almost intuitive.
I love using this stand when I am at school in a practice room or in band class, that way, I don’t have to worry about setting my flute down in a place where it could fall or get damaged.
I also like the fact that it doesn’t take up any extra room in my flute case since it fits perfectly in the foot-joint. I also like how I don’t have to worry about it scratching the inside of the foot-joint because the legs are covered in a leather-like material. The legs also can extend a little so that there is more stability. ( I have found that since the flute is so small and light, I never need to extend the legs out)
If there is one thing that is wrong with it, that would be the fact that one of the legs is a little loose when setting up and taking down the stand (but it is fine when it is all put together).
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Have you tried this stand? What are your thoughts on it? What product or type of product should I review next? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading!

Stand (assembled)

Stand (folded up for storage)