Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved

For awhile, many flute players learned the flute and piccolo, and that was that. But now that the alto flute is gaining popularity, more flutist have to choose the right alto flute headjoint for them.

Hannah B Flute | Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved

Whether you like the sound of a straight headjoint or the comfort of the curve, it’s an important decision to make. Because unfortunately, it’s not always easy to buy another headjoint, especially for low flutes. Continue reading “Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved”

Alto Flute Beginner’s Guide

Every flutist has probably played or seen a piccolo. Not every flutist has played or seen an alto flute. While low flutes (like alto and bass) are becoming more common, they are still a mystery to many flute players.

Hannah B Flute | Alto Flute Beginner's Guide

I didn’t see or play one until I transferred from community college to university. Still, none of the flute majors owned an alto flute, both altos belonged to the school. Continue reading “Alto Flute Beginner’s Guide”

NFA: Flying with Your Instruments

The 2018 NFA convention is less than two weeks away, which means you are probably thinking about your travel plans. Hopefully, you already have everything set, but you still might be worried about flying with your instruments.

Hannah B Flute | Flying with Your Instruments

While this is my first time attending NFA, I have flown with instruments before. So, I am going to share tips from my own experience as well as from various travel websites. The tips here will be in chronological order, so you can get a head start with the first few tips before you even arrive at the airport. Continue reading “NFA: Flying with Your Instruments”

The Benefits of Doubling (+ a free guide!)

As flutists and other woodwind players know, you can’t always get away with playing just one instrument. Especially for music majors and professionals, the benefits of doubling are numerous.

Hannah B Flute | Benefits of Doubling

Playing a second instrument can help you get more performing and teaching gigs. It can get your foot in the door with other musicians. And it can even help improve your playing on your main instrument. Continue reading “The Benefits of Doubling (+ a free guide!)”