Tips for New Music Majors

Out of all the college degrees, you may not think that music majors are some of the busiest. But between ensembles, lessons and concerts, you have a lot to do.

Tips for New Music Majors | Hannah B Flute

Majoring in music takes a lot of work and determination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. I majored in flute performance, so I have some tips for current music majors. Continue reading “Tips for New Music Majors”

How Music Students Can Learn Online

A year ago, heck, even six months ago, many people thought music students couldn’t learn online. But the March lockdowns changed all of that.

How to Learn Online as a Music Student | Hannah B Flute

And now that the fall semester is approaching fast, we have to be safe while learning music. For some students that means having to learn online for at least part of the degree. Continue reading “How Music Students Can Learn Online”

School Supplies for Music Majors

Every new and returning student needs some basic school supplies. But music majors need a few unique gadgets as well.

School Supplies for Music Majors | Hannah B Flute

Whether you’re a freshman or a graduate student, you need to prepare for the semester. If you’re going shopping for school supplies, consider a few things on this list. Continue reading “School Supplies for Music Majors”

How to Prepare Flute Music for Auditions

For a lot of musicians, auditions are terrifying. You feel like you have to play your flute music flawlessly to get the job or position that you want.

If you have to prepare a solo piece for an upcoming audition, you should study and play it to the best of your ability. It doesn’t have to be flawless, but it should showcase you as a player. Continue reading “How to Prepare Flute Music for Auditions”

How to Prepare Orchestral Excerpts for Auditions

Every musician will go through it eventually. Auditions can involve a lot of emotions and a lot of music, including orchestral excerpts.

How to Prepare Orchestral Excerpts for Auditions | Hannah B Flute

If you have an upcoming audition, you may need to study some orchestral music. Even if you don’t plan on joining an orchestra, knowing some popular excerpts can help you with your overall audition. Continue reading “How to Prepare Orchestral Excerpts for Auditions”