Music Causes Seizures?

Growing up with seizures, I had regular doctors appointments, daily medications, and a few inpatient hospital visits. Stress and feeling sick were triggers for me. Little did I know that for some epilepsy patients, music causes seizures.

Hannah B Flute | Music Causes Seizures?

Ever since I first heard of musicogenic epilepsy, I’ve been curious about the ins and outs of it. What are the symptoms. How does music cause seizures? What type of music can cause seizures? Continue reading “Music Causes Seizures?”

What is Music Cognition?

Musicians today are quite lucky. There are many different paths that we can take to pursue our passion. We are not “stuck” with just teaching and performing anymore. Music cognition is one of the up and coming fields that musicians can go into.

Hannah B Flute | What is Music Cognition?

I have become really interested in music cognition, and yes, music and science DO mix! In this post, I am going to talk about the basics of music cognition, share some of my favorite resources, and answer some questions you might have. Continue reading “What is Music Cognition?”