How to Prepare Flute Music for Auditions

For a lot of musicians, auditions are terrifying. You feel like you have to play your flute music flawlessly to get the job or position that you want.

If you have to prepare a solo piece for an upcoming audition, you should study and play it to the best of your ability. It doesn’t have to be flawless, but it should showcase you as a player. Continue reading “How to Prepare Flute Music for Auditions”

IMSLP App: Overview and Tips

If you have an iPad, you may have a lot of apps on it already. But what’s one more? The IMSLP app is perfect for musicians who want to find and organize their music on the go.

IMSLP App: Overview and Tips

To make the most out of the app, you should know what it is and how to use it. The app has tons of features that you can use, and you can use the IMSLP app in a way that works for you. Continue reading “IMSLP App: Overview and Tips”

What Is IMSLP? A Musician’s Guide to Free Sheet Music

Imagine being able to download almost any piece of music. What’s more, picture yourself learning that piece within minutes, if not seconds. All of that is possible thanks to IMSLP.

What Is IMSLP? A Musician's Guide to Free Sheet Music | Hannah B Flute

You can use the IMSLP website or app to access any piece of music for any instrument (even non-orchestral instruments). The only requirement is that it’s in the public domain. After all, living musicians need to get paid. Continue reading “What Is IMSLP? A Musician’s Guide to Free Sheet Music”

Online Resources for Flute Students

The internet has become the perfect place to learn just about anything. You can even learn flute online! How? There are tons of online resources for flute students!

Online Resources for Flute Students | Hannah B Flute

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or have a ton of money to learn the flute online. If you know the right online resources for flute, you can use them to your advantage. Continue reading “Online Resources for Flute Students”

How to Teach Music Lessons (for New Teachers)

Music is a competitive industry, and it can be impossible to make a living from performing alone. Many performers also need to teach music, and some musicians want to teach. If you want to be a musician, you should consider learning to teach music lessons.

How to Teach Music Lessons | Hannah B Flute

Teaching music allows you to pursue the industry more, and you don’t have to worry about getting a ton of small performing gigs. Being able to teach music lessons can help you create a successful music career. There’s no reason not to at least consider it. Continue reading “How to Teach Music Lessons (for New Teachers)”