Blogging on the Go: How I Do It

We live in a very On-The-Go society. Everyone always has somewhere to be, and we are rarely in the same place for a full day. That is why many people have come to love their smartphone and tablets, because they allow us to stay connected to others no matter where we are. Whether we are on opposite sides of the room or opposite sides of the world, we are able to keep in touch. This is important since group projects are becoming more popular. I, Hannah Haefele, am the sole owner of this blog, but I love being able to write something and post it for the world to see. I love being a part of the world of social media. But since I don’t really have a central office where I do all of my work, I love my iPad and iPhone, especially for using the Internet. For this post, I want to tell you all about how I use my iPad and iPhone to keep up with not only my blog, but all of my social media outlets from blogging, to Twitter to my sheet music website through a site called MusicaNeo.

I love using my iPad Mini to work on my blog. When I am writing a post, I use the Blogger app (free on the App Store, probably free on Google Play). The app has a nice, simple layout. The compose screen in the app is very simple and clean. You just have the option for Bold or Italics, a camera button, and the “Done” button, and the onscreen keyboard unless you decide to use an external keyboard. I, personally have never felt the need for one. This post was drafted in Blogger.
If I need to put the final touches on a post, I use the Blogger website on either Safari or another browser called Puffin. The app costed me about four US dollars, and I have had the app for quite a long time, so I am not sure of the price now, but for me, the cost is totally worth it. With Puffin, you are able to bypass the “mobile” restrictions found in Safari. It even has the option of enabling an onscreen mouse/trackpad within the app. I use Safari to check my MusicaNeo site, and I use Puffin via Dropbox if I need to upload a new piece of music on the go.
For other forms of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, I use their native apps.
If I happen to not have my iPad with me, which is rare since it fits in a small purse, I will use my iPhone to do anything quick when it comes to my blog. I usually won’t write full posts on my iPhone, but I might edit them or schedule a post to go up. If I do anything with my blog on my iPhone, I will use that same apps and websites as on my iPad. I prefer my iPhone to my iPad for checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I like viewing them on a smaller screen for some reason.
As I said before, we live in a very connected world. We all have places to be, and we don’t always have the time to sit down for a long period of time at a desk and write a blog post or do whatever type of work it is that you do. Tablets and smartphones are a great way to help us get things done. I hope you enjoyed reading about how I manage my blog and social media.
Thanks for reading!

You can download the apps I mentioned here, all are free unless otherwise stated:
Puffin Browser Pro ($3.99)
Puffin Web Browser

Google Play:
Puffin Web Browser


A Review of My Erin Condren Life Planner

I am quite the organized person, and I am always on the lookout for different planners and organization methods to try. I first heard about the Life Planner in August of 2013 when I saw a video about it on YouTube by a girl named Dacey. Her channel is She is one of my favorite people to watch for college organization, and she seems like a generally nice person. I saw her first impressions video on the planner, but I didn’t really think much of it. Fifty dollars for a planner? That’s crazy! Until this past spring I heard from Dacey that the Erin Condren website was selling their planners on clearance so that they would have room to make and sell the new version which came out in June. The clearance price was $30 plus shipping, but I used a discount code that equated to free shipping. I was thrilled when my new planner arrived. It is a pretty hefty price, I won’t lie about that, but it is a very well made planner. The (removable) covers are completely customizable unless you get the ready to ship planner that comes with a coupon to customize a cover later. I got the pre-made planner, and then I customized my own cover:

I love this cover. I customized it with my name, and I also changed the color (which was originally dark blue) to sea foam green. The inside cover is pretty cute with a polka dot print:

I must say that the paper quality is amazing! I have yet to have any problems with ink bleeding through to the next page as it is thicker than the paper in planners that you see at stores like OfficeMax or Target. The 2014/15 version has a lot of quotes sprinkled throughout the planner, and I think the 2015/16 one does, too, just not as many. After the intro, you have all the planner pages, months and weeks together, January through December. In my planner, January through April are blank since I did not have this planner until the beginning of May. Following the calendar, there is a notes section with lines and blank paper. Then there is a two-year look ahead at 2016 and 2017. After that, the planner comes with stickers: a full page of birthday:

And another page with stickers that say: game, day off, hair appointment, dentist appointment, sale, doc appointment, concert, mani/pedi, party, and vacation.

After that, you get two pages of blank stickers, a column each in pink, violet, lavender, blue, turquoise, mint, forest green, olive? green, yellow, and tan. At the back of the planner, you get a two sided pocket to store little things like the free perpetual calendar book that comes with the planner.

The last thing in the planner is a clear zip-pocket so that you can store small things that you want to keep secured in your planner.

I didn’t get any of the Erin Condren brand accessories, and I don’t think they are absolutely necessary. I have been using this planner for the past 7 and a half months, and I love it.

My planning method changed a bit since I first started using it. At first, I used the stickers and the monthly view a lot. I also tracked my daily medicine and my showers for a while. I love the vertical layout, though. It makes much more sense to me to see my week going across a two page spread rather than down one page than down the opposite page.
Here is a blank week from before I got the planner:

Over the summer, I wrote down all of my assignments in the planner, because I was taking an online class. Since I had classes on campus this fall, I wrote down when I had class and only marked in important assignments and tests. I don’t know what I will do in the spring, but I will see. I would like to use it partly as a practice log to mark when and what I practice,

I really do love this planner, and while $50 plus shipping is a big price, I think that there is no way I can go back to the $10 planners you find in Target.

In case you are curious, it is on my Christmas Wishlist. If you want to order one for yourself or maybe as a gift, do so now, because it takes a while to get to you. Also, I might post a “Week in my Life” of my planner sometime in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for that. Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!

7DCC #5 Day 3: Packing My Music Supplies

I have seen other people use this day to pack their makeup, but since all of my makeup will fit into one small makeup bag, I figured that would be a waste. Most of my makeup stays in that bag, and it will just go in with the rest of my toiletries. So, since I have nothing much to say about packing makeup, I thought I would explain how I plan to pack up all of my music supplies, such as instruments, sheet music, and accessories as well as the things that I plan to bring.
As far as instruments go, I will be bringing two flutes. I have a nice one for use indoors for concert band and other indoor performances, lessons, etc. My other flute is still nice, but not quite, so that one will be used for outdoor events like marching band or other outdoor concerts. I will also bring my piccolo.
For my music, I will be bringing all of the books that my flute teacher has assigned for me to study this fall. I have a couple of books from Trevor Wye, a book of studies, and a solo book. I will also be bringing some other music that I like to play from for fun. I will also be bringing the music for my piano placement test.
I have all of my accessories together in what is supposed to be a makeup case from Vera Bradley (yes, I still buy their products, no I am not ashamed). I have a single stand for flute and a stand for two flutes and a piccolo, and both stands collapse. I also have some cleaning cloths, pencils, highlighters, a screwdriver, and some cigarette paper for cleaning sticky pads.
I plan to keep the accessories in their case, the music books will hopefully fit in my backpack, and the instruments might ride on their own.
That, like yesterday’s, was not the longest or most interesting post, but it got the point across. I hope this helps anyone who might also be a music major or will be moving and packing up their music.
Thanks for reading!

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7DCC #3 Day 5: Organization

So, I have not started packing anything yet, but I have a plan in my mind of how I would like to pack things. I am going to outline that plan here.
For clothes, I plan on putting those in a duffel bag and for overflow, I will be putting the rest into one of my suitcases, either my carry-on size one or my bigger one. I might try to have my fancy clothes travel in their own garment bags, if that is possible. For shoes, I will be putting them in baggies to keep the dirt off of my clothes surrounding them. If you want to read more about what clothes I will be bringing, check out my last post in this countdown.
I plan on putting as much of my office supplies into my backpack and overflow will go into a suitcase, unless I decide to bring a tote bag (in which case overflow of books will go there). I will also do the same with my music books and accessories. As far as the instruments themselves, my flutes will probably go into a suitcase or ride on their own.
Things like my wallet, driver’s license, student id, money, and other small things will go in my purse. My planner will either go in there or with my office supplies. I will also try to put things that I might need often in my purse so that I can get to them quickly.
Other small items will probably end up in a suitcase or inside a larger item. My microwave and fridge will both be on their own. I might need a few boxes in which to put my bedding and other things that don’t fit inside the convenient rolling suitcase.
I cannot make any concrete plans yet, because I think that most of my packing will be done this coming weekend, when both of my parents will be home all day to help me out. I know this was probably not the most interesting post, but it is what I have at the moment.
P.S. I will still be uploading an entry to my Thoughtworthy series later today.
Thanks for reading!

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