Earplugs and Piccolo Playing

The piccolo can be a pretty polarizing instrument. Some people love it, while others despise it. However, combining earplugs and piccolo can make the instrument more enjoyable to play or listen to.

Hannah B Flute | Earplugs and Piccolo Playing

While earplugs aren’t always necessary, they can also save you from some preventable hearing damage. Should you wear earplugs? Continue reading “Earplugs and Piccolo Playing”

How to Play Piccolo (when you really don’t like it)

You’ve heard you have to play piccolo. But you don’t like how high pitched it sounds. So you avoid it as much as you can.

Even though you know how important it is.

Hannah B Flute | How to Play Piccolo

I get it. The piccolo is higher pitched than flute, but that doesn’t mean it’s the devil’s instrument. Continue reading “How to Play Piccolo (when you really don’t like it)”

NFA: Flying with Your Instruments

The 2018 NFA convention is less than two weeks away, which means you are probably thinking about your travel plans. Hopefully, you already have everything set, but you still might be worried about flying with your instruments.

Hannah B Flute | Flying with Your Instruments

While this is my first time attending NFA, I have flown with instruments before. So, I am going to share tips from my own experience as well as from various travel websites. The tips here will be in chronological order, so you can get a head start with the first few tips before you even arrive at the airport. Continue reading “NFA: Flying with Your Instruments”

The Benefits of Doubling (+ a free guide!)

As flutists and other woodwind players know, you can’t always get away with playing just one instrument. Especially for music majors and professionals, the benefits of doubling are numerous.

Hannah B Flute | Benefits of Doubling

Playing a second instrument can help you get more performing and teaching gigs. It can get your foot in the door with other musicians. And it can even help improve your playing on your main instrument. Continue reading “The Benefits of Doubling (+ a free guide!)”