Gift Guide for Musicians (2019)

Being a musician is amazing. But it can also get expensive. As the holidays approach and your wish list grows, consider this gift guide for musicians.

Gift Guide for Musicians 2019 | Hannah B Flute

And if you’re not a musician, consider getting one or more of these things for the musician in your life. You might just save them some hassle and stress. Continue reading “Gift Guide for Musicians (2019)”

How to Buy a Used Flute

As a flute/piccolo/alto flute player, I have a lot of instruments. And those instruments didn’t come cheap. Because of that, I know how important it is to know how to buy a used flute.

Hannah B Flute | How to Buy a Used Flute

While I am the first owner of all of my current instruments, I have played used flutes in the past. They can be an excellent way to save money on an instrument. Continue reading “How to Buy a Used Flute”

Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?

If you play a lot of music, you know the struggle of keeping track of everything. But what if you could use an iPad for sheet music?

Hannah B Flute | Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?

That’s right. You can store your sheet music digitally. That can save you space, and you’ll know you always have what you need. Continue reading “Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?”

Earplugs and Piccolo Playing

The piccolo can be a pretty polarizing instrument. Some people love it, while others despise it. However, combining earplugs and piccolo can make the instrument more enjoyable to play or listen to.

Hannah B Flute | Earplugs and Piccolo Playing

While earplugs aren’t always necessary, they can also save you from some preventable hearing damage. Should you wear earplugs? Continue reading “Earplugs and Piccolo Playing”

Best Flute Bag (or Backpack)

It’s August, which means school is right around the corner. Even if you’re out of school, it can be a good time to test out new things or switch up your routine. In either case, you need to start using the best flute bag.

Hannah B Flute | Best Flute Bag

The best flute bag for you will have the space and compartments you need. You can organize your instruments and accessories. And hopefully, you can be stylish, too…if you want. Continue reading “Best Flute Bag (or Backpack)”