Print vs. Digital Sheet Music

When looking for new sheet music, you have to decide between print and digital files. But is print or digital sheet music better? Is one better for everyone or for you specifically?

Print vs. Digital Sheet Music | Hannah B Flute

Some people will only ever use print files. But digital files offer a few benefits that you can’t get with print sheet music. Read on for more.

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Why You Should Make a Schedule

Whether you’re a student or you work full-time, you have a schedule. But you need to consider how to make a schedule that will help you get more done. That way, you can be more productive but also have time to relax.

Why You Should Make a Schedule | Hannah B Flute

Consider what you can include in your schedule and why you shouldn’t just go with the flow of time.

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How to Use a Music Practice Log

You pull out your instrument and go to practice. But you end up wasting time deciding what to work on. So you refer to your music practice log to inform your practice session.

Practicing can be exciting but also stressful for many musicians. You have to figure out what to practice, and you may not get everything done. Continue reading “How to Use a Music Practice Log”

How to Organize a Music Binder

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve always been a little type A. Organization has always come naturally to me. So as I got older, it only made sense for me to create (and use) a music binder.

Hannah B Flute | How to Organize a Music Binder

Up until I transferred to my undergrad, I was never required to make a music binder. But I was so happy to have a place to keep everything. And even now, I still use a music binder. Continue reading “How to Organize a Music Binder”

Should I Use a Practice Journal?

Practicing music should be fun. Plain and simple. Any practice that you don’t at least slightly enjoy will not be as beneficial. Thus brings the question: should you use a practice journal?

Hannah B Flute | Should I Use a Practice Journal?

A practice journal allows you to track your practicing. You can use whatever method to track your practice. Choose a method that works for you. If your practice journal doesn’t fit your needs, you will be less inclined to use it. Continue reading “Should I Use a Practice Journal?”