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I have spent countless hours searching for good instruments, sheet music, and accessories for my flute playing. With all of the options out there, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad.

I plan on updating this list as I find new products, so be sure to check back often.

A note on buying instruments online: when possible, you should try an instrument before you buy it. You should also only buy from reputable dealers. That being said, Amazon is an authorized dealer of Pearl Flutes, and so I have linked to Amazon for some of my Pearl instruments.

Here are some of my favorite instruments, accessories, and more!

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Blog Posts

Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?

How to Buy a Used Flute

Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide

How to Double Tongue Faster

How to Choose Flute Repertoire

Earplugs and Piccolo Playing

forScore: Beginner’s Guide


Piccolo: Pearl 105E

Flute: Pearl Cantabile 18K

Alto Flute: Pearl 201S

Methods & Etudes

Trevor Wye: Omnibus Edition

Trevor Wye: Practice Book for the Piccolo

Patricia Morris: Piccolo Study Book

The Mazzanti Method

Melodious & Progressive Studies

Filas: Top Register Studies

Moyse: 24 Little Melodic Studies

Moyse: De La Sonorité

Taffanel & Gaubert: 17 Big Daily Finger Exercises

Jeanne Baxtresser: Orchestral Excerpts for Flute

Jack Wellbaum: Orchestral Excerpts for Piccolo

Chris Potter: Alto Flute Method Book

Trevor Wye: The Alto Flute Practice Book


Rubank: Concert & Contest Collection

Vivaldi Concertos: Piccolo

Flute Music by French Composers

Donald Peck: 36 Repertoire Studies

Poulenc: Sonata

Debussy: Syrinx

Honegger: Danse de La Chèvre

Books About Flute

Nancy Toff: The Flute Book

Trevor Wye: Proper Flute Playing

Trevor Wye: Flute Secrets


Hercules: Alto Flute Stand

Hercules: Travlite Flute Stand

K&M: Piccolo Stand

Hercules: Stand for 2 Flutes/Clarinets & 1 Piccolo

Hercules: Flute/Clarinet Peg w/ Spring

Etymotic: Earplugs

Gearlux: Music Stand

Beaumont: Violet Lace Swab

Beaumont: Sheet Music Bag

Blogging and Content Creation Tools

MacBook Pro 2020


Apple Pencil

Fotopro Tripod

iPhone 8 Plus


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