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Do you want to diversify your repertoire to beef up your music library? Have you been looking for music by women composers?

How about pieces that are fun to play and listenable?

All from a composer who understands the difference between flute and piccolo. Someone who pays attention to the specific problems and quirks associated with the flute and other members of the flute family.

Welcome to Flute Files.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Solo pieces for flute by a woman composer
  • A few extended techniques but not overdone
  • Intermediate level repertoire that’s not overly challenging
  • A diversity of pieces available

You won’t find:

  • Music that’s overly difficult
  • The most extra 100% nonsensical extended techniques
  • Lots of traditional happening
  • Music that’s boring to a lot of young musicians

Now, it’s your turn.

Flute Files is a virtual store full of digital downloads for flute students and flute teachers. The store includes workbooks, guides, sheet music, and more.

New resources are added regularly, so please come back if you don’t see what you’re looking for! You can also leave any requests you have here.

You can find Flute Files for beginners, professionals, and every flutist in between. The goal of this shop is to be accessible and to help flute players like you feel better about their musical lives.

I hope you enjoy these Flute Files!

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Hue Fantaisie for Flute Choir

Are you looking for a new arrangement for your flute choir? Do you want to feature a flute soloist? The Georges Hue Fantaisie is an amazing flute solo with orchestra … Continue reading “Hue Fantaisie for Flute Choir”

Debussy 2 Arabesques (arr. for flute)

Debussy 2 Arabesques is an excellent set of two pieces for solo piano. But the melodies work very well on solo flute. Because of that, I decided to take the … Continue reading “Debussy 2 Arabesques (arr. for flute)”

Mozart Flute Quartet in D Major (arr. for Woodwind Quartet)

The Mozart Flute Quartet in D Major is an important part of the flute repertoire. But we don’t all know violin, viola, and cello players. If you want to play … Continue reading “Mozart Flute Quartet in D Major (arr. for Woodwind Quartet)”

Selected Famous Solos for Flute

While the flute has a lot of amazing pieces, there are plenty of works that weren’t originally written for the instrument. That’s why I compiled some famous solos and arranged … Continue reading “Selected Famous Solos for Flute”

Selections From For Children

Do you want some flute duets and trios to play? Download Selections From “For Children” by Bela Bartok. These pieces are for two or three flutes and are perfect for … Continue reading “Selections From For Children”

Bach Cello Suite No. 1 (arr. for flute)

Do you have a cello-playing friend? Or have you always admired the cellists in orchestra? You probably started playing flute because you liked the instrument. It’s small and easy to … Continue reading “Bach Cello Suite No. 1 (arr. for flute)”

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