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Happy 2021! The Lesson Studio is getting a revamp, so please be patient!

Welcome to the HBF studio! I’m excited to see you’re interested in online flute lessons.

Taking online flute lessons is a great way to improve your playing. You don’t have to be the next James Galway to make the most of music lessons.

If you want to pursue music as a career or a serious amateur, I’ll do what I can to help.

I offer performance checks!

In the future, I plan to create a monthly membership studio offering recorded courses and lessons.

Now, who am I to be offering this? I’m Hannah, and I have a Bachelor of Music in flute performance and a Master of Music, also in flute.

I have been teaching by way of this blog since 2013, and I started working with students directly in 2015. In 2019, I started teaching one-on-one lessons.

Why do you teach online flute lessons?

In this busy world of ours, it can be hard to fit in everything. Students today have more homework and activities than ever, and travel time can cut into a student’s time.

Music lessons are an essential part of a student’s growth, especially if they participate in band or orchestra. Even adults can benefit from online flute lessons.

I want to make learning flute and music easier for everyone. I’ve found that teaching online lessons allows me and the student to work from anywhere.

I’m able to teach more people, and more students are able to learn.

Also, online flute lessons can happen despite inclement weather, travel, and other potential conflicts.

When do you teach?

I do not teach live lessons, so you will submit a recording for review.

I work directly with students and parents to schedule performance checks so that I can provide prompt feedback. I’ll do my best to respond to inquiries and recordings within two business days.

Coming soon, I plan to release recorded courses, lessons, and a monthly membership. Please subscribe to learn more when those become available.

Who can take online flute lessons?

Students aged 15 and older and with at least one year of experience may take lessons on flute. After a solid foundation on flute, students may add piccolo or alto flute.

Any student opting for performance checks must be able to record themselves on audio and (ideally) video.

What if I don’t fit those qualifications?

If you don’t qualify or can’t make online lessons work, please head over to Flute Files for flute-related downloads. In the future, I also plan to create pre-recorded courses and lessons you can use at any time!

How will all this work?

After acceptance into the studio, you’ll send me a recording via email, and I will respond with feedback. We can schedule performance checks regularly to help with your progress.

If you prefer to enroll in the lessons and courses, you can buy each separately. And if you want access to all materials in the studio, you can apply for full membership.

What courses and lessons will you offer?

I will teach flute, piccolo, and music topics aimed at advanced players. The first course in the works is called Time Management for Musicians.

In the course, I will talk all about managing your time between practice, work, kids, and even managing multiple instruments.

Please let me know if you have any other request for courses and lessons!

How much do you charge?

Performance checks start at $22 for a single recording. Membership and course pricing is TBD.

How do I apply?

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