Online Flute Lessons

You’re somewhat intrigued by the idea of online flute lessons. However, you hesitate to commit to a particular day and time.

It’s too restrictive to have to show up every week regardless of what else is happening in your life.

It’s one more commitment to have to plan the rest of your life around.

Or maybe you’ve started getting anxious going to lessons. You’re dreading any mistakes that could potentially be made.

Perhaps you’ve just never taken lessons seriously. Or you didn’t like being locked into a monthly auto-pay situation.

You dislike the idea of signing up for lessons, and I dislike the idea of teaching lessons at the same day and time in perpetuity.

We’re a perfect match.

I’m pleased to offer asynchronous online flute lessons! We don’t meet face to face or over video chat. Instead, you choose from my growing library of pre-recorded lessons (with accompanying exercises).

You can watch the video lesson as many times as you need to learn the concept. And if you want feedback, you can send me a recording to review.

Practicing whenever you can and watching lots of YouTube tutorials is great. And you realize lessons would help, but you just can’t do them right now.

I totally get it.

About Your Teacher

I’m Hannah, and I’m a flutist, arranger, and educator. I taught traditional live lessons for about a year between 2019 to 2020 while earning my master of music in flute performance.

As much as I loved sharing my musical knowledge with others, I found myself dreading showing up for lessons. I like to remain as footloose and fancy free as possible.

Not to mention how I have multiple chronic illnesses. There are nights when I go to sleep just fine but wake up with a massive migraine.

I can’t in good conscience schedule a full-time live studio that I know I’ll have to reschedule all of the time.

Whether you just need some sort of guidance or don’t want to commit to a schedule, I’m here for you.

Shop Flexible Online Flute Lessons

Browse my current selection of video lessons. New lessons will be added regularly, so check back often for updates.

Posture and Breathing

When playing the flute, proper posture and breathing are both crucial to making progress. If you don’t have good breath support, you’ll struggle to make a sound. The same is … Continue reading “Posture and Breathing”

Playing Ab or G#

Playing Ab or G# on the flute allows you to play in keys with three or more sharps or flats. But you can also encounter these notes in other keys, … Continue reading “Playing Ab or G#”

Playing C# or Db

C# or Db can be the most finnicky note on the flute. But learning the fingerings is essential if you want to improve your playing, particularly if you want to … Continue reading “Playing C# or Db”

Playing Eb or D#

Playing Eb or D# on the flute is a common occurrence, especially in band music but also other settings. This Flexible Flute Lesson will teach you the different fingerings for … Continue reading “Playing Eb or D#”

Footjoint Keys

The footjoint keys on the flute are used for some of the lowest notes on the flute and even some of the highest notes. This Flexible Flute Lesson covers how … Continue reading “Footjoint Keys”

Playing F# on Flute

Playing F# on flute is crucial as you start to explore sharp keys. If you’ve played other woodwinds, the F# fingering can be confusing. But don’t let that stop you … Continue reading “Playing F# on Flute”

C, D, and E (and Eb)

The notes C, D, and E (and Eb) can be hard to play in succession. In this Flexible Flute Lesson, you’ll learn how to play each note alone. You’ll also … Continue reading “C, D, and E (and Eb)”

B Flat Fingerings

When playing the flute, you can choose from three different B flat fingerings when playing in the first and second octaves. Each fingering works best in different situations, so you … Continue reading “B Flat Fingerings”

The Second Octave

Learning to play the second octave on the flute can be tricky. You have to adjust your air stream to help produce higher notes. A lot of beginners struggle with … Continue reading “The Second Octave”


Still have questions about asynchronous online flute lessons? Here’s what you should know.

How do lessons work?

When you purchase a lesson, you’ll receive a pre-recorded video of me explaining and demonstrating the concept. You’ll also receive a PDF of exercises related to the lesson topic that you can practice.

If you choose to request feedback (not required), you’ll then record yourself playing the piece or exercise you need help with. Send it to me, and I’ll respond with feedback within five business days.

Why should I learn from you?

I’m a classically-trained flutist but also have a background in popular music. I believe in making music education as accessible as possible, including to those of us with busy schedules or unpredictable chronic illnesses.

Most teachers only offer live lessons, even if they teach online. Of the other pre-recorded programs, most are subscription-based. That means you lose access to the lessons if you stop paying.

With Flexible Flute Lessons, you’ll own the lessons you buy for a lifetime. Enroll only in what you need, as you need it.

Do you offer live lessons?

I don’t currently offer live private lessons. However, I do offer asynchronous lessons, even for topics not currently in the Flexible Flute Lessons library.

If you’re looking for ongoing live lessons, contact me for a referral.

Can I see an example of your teaching style?

Check out my YouTube channel to watch some of my informational videos. If you want to see clips of new lessons, follow @flexibleflutelessons on Instagram.

How do I record myself?

You can record yourself with your smartphone. Make sure you don’t have anything in the room that could detract from the audio. You’ll also need good lighting so that I can review your posture, embouchure, and other aspects of your playing.

Who are flexible flute lessons for?

Flexible flute lessons are for anyone who wants to learn to play the flute but can’t commit to live lessons. Be it that you have a lot going on in your life or you can’t afford lessons, you still deserve to learn to play the flute.

I plan on adding lessons at the beginner through advanced levels, so there’s something for everyone. In the meantime, contact me to send me a recording if you don’t see a lesson that suits you.

Who are flexible flute lessons not for?

As much as I want to help all budding flute players, flexible flute lessons aren’t suitable for students who need more hand holding. I’d recommend that younger students, especially, find a teacher they can work with live and in person.

How do I enroll?

Scroll back up and view the selection of videos then enroll in the lessons you want! Come back regularly to check for new lessons. I’m always happy to “see” a repeat student.