Projects & Works

There is much more to being a 21st century musician than simply playing your instrument. While excellent musicianship is necessary, it is no longer enough.

That is why I chose to start writing ebooks and composing/arranging music.

Writing books and music lets me be creative in ways other than playing flute.  It also allows me to diversify my portfolio and career as a young musician.

Visit the Flute Files:


If you are a performer and would like to work with me on a composition or arrangement, please contact me. You may also submit requests for ebooks and online courses here.

Want Help with Your Website?

I now offer music blog writing and editing services! If you’ve been wanting to start a blog, now’s the time.

A blog can help you stay in touch with your audience, and you can use it to show your knowledge and authority. But you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ll edit your content or even help you write it, if that’s what you need. I’m here to help you!

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