Work with Me

The world is changing, but there’s more to it. More and more people are studying music and pursuing careers in the field, which is making things harder on everyone.

But the internet has made it possible to make a music career work, even during times of crisis. Teaching online lessons, creating courses, and virtual recordings are a part of life for musicians.

And it’s time to share your story.

That’s where journalism and press coverage comes in.

I’m a writer and digital journalist specializing in music and culture, and I cover everything from music to career development. I cover how classical music relates to racial and cultural developments, and I share stories about how musicians can “make it” in this world.

There’s never been as many good, talented professional musicians. But there’s also never been a better time to pursue a music career.

Music for the masses. That’s my motto, and I incorporate that belief into everything I write.

Why should I choose you as my music journalist?

I started working in journalism in 2016 when I got a job as an opinion writer. Since 2013, I’ve managed a successful blog about music and culture. I’ve also been published in Huffington Post and The Flute View.

I have experience writing different types of content for the internet, and my music background gives me an edge over other journalists.

What can you write?

I can write journalistic stories and marketing-based content to help promote your career or company. Projects can be short or long, one-off or recurring.

What subjects do you cover?

I focus on music and culture, and I write in other related areas. Those areas include entrepreneurship, career development and finance.

Where do you publish stories?

I write stories on Medium and this blog. If you’re an editor looking for writers, I’d love to team up!

And if you’re a musician or brand looking for coverage in a specific publication, let me know. I’ll do my best to get you the coverage you want.

Can I view your portfolio?

Of course! You can visit my blog and my Medium profile for examples of my work.

What are your rates?

My rates vary depending on the scope of the project. Please inquire below for more information.

What if I can’t afford custom digital press?

Don’t worry. I know a lot of us musicians are broke and hesitant to invest a ton of money. If that’s you, head over to Flute Files for some digital downloads to help you create your own digital marketing strategy!