Become a Musician

This ebook is for anyone looking to start playing a musical instrument, regardless of any prior experience or training.

It is possible to become a musician at ANY age. Musical instrument study is not just for children. You can learn an instrument as an adolescent/adult. I learned flute at age 16, and I am doing just fine.

Ready to get started?


What would it feel like to:

Fulfill your lifelong dream of playing violin?

Be able to accompany your church choir?

Play duets with musically inclined relatives?

Meet new people through music?

Have a community of people who share your passion?

Share music with others?

Perform for friends and family?

Have a fun hobby that keeps your mind sharp?

Learn a new skill that will turn heads?

Take time for yourself?

Have a creative outlet to relieve stress?

It’s all possible with Become a Musician.

Here’s why I do this…

I know what it’s like to:

See other people having fun on stage

Envy “better” musicians

Feel like the odds are against you

And I also know what it’s like to:

Be that person having fun on stage

Be inspired by other musicians

Fight back against the haters

Prove that anyone can do this

Make music with my whole self (mind, body, soul)

Now it’s your turn!

I spent years trying to find the perfect instrument for me

Too much change made my parents believe I wasn’t committed

I always knew that music was going to be part of my life

Being older gave me an advantage: I actually practiced!

Music doesn’t require a lot of time, it requires consistency

The internet has made it easier than ever to learn an instrument

Playing an instrument benefits your life outside of the practice room

What you’ll receive:

By downloading Become a Musician, you will receive the ebook in two formats (PDF & ePub).

The ebook covers everything from choosing an instrument to finding a teacher (or not) to learning a bit of music theory.


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Hannah B Flute | Become a Musician