Piccolo Picks: Etudes for Piccolo

Are you looking for original etudes for piccolo? I’ve got you covered with a set of six studies (and a bonus arrangement).

There are tons of flute etudes, and some work well on the piccolo. But none of them take the piccolo into consideration specifically.

That means you could have a lot of low Cs or C#s. Plus…

Anything extreme should be studied before writing for it.

I’ve played the piccolo for over eight years. And I made it an unofficial focus of my bachelors and masters degrees.

As a piccolo player, I wrote the etudes as I played them. The notes didn’t come from my head and go straight to a computer.

Too many composers seem to assume anything they can get their computer program to play is playable on the instruments they write for.

But when I wrote using the instrument, I made sure these etudes would be PLAYABLE.

So if you’re ready to diversify your repertoire, these etudes are for you.

They’re great for students, teachers, and performers. Don’t let the piccolo scare you; use these etudes instead!

Piccolo Picks: Etudes for Piccolo

Why Should I Trust You to Write Etudes for Piccolo?

The piccolo is underutilized, especially by composers who don’t understand it. My practical experience with the instrument helped me write good short etudes for you to enjoy.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer refunds on digital downloads. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to fix it!

How Can I Buy the Etudes?

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