J.S. Bach Partita for Solo Flute (Alto Flute)

Have you played the J.S. Bach Partita for Solo Flute? Do you want to play the same piece on the alto flute?

While you can use the standard version, it will sound a fourth lower. To keep the standard pitch, I arranged a version specifically for the alto flute.

This version is a fourth higher to help compensate for the alto flute’s transposition. It’s a great choice for advanced players who want a little something new to try.

Since the alto flute is fairly new, there isn’t any Baroque music for it. But that changes when you include arrangements like this one.

Give it a try during your next practice session or lesson. Then, you can add it to a recital or simply play it for fun.

You’ll receive the score with all four movements. The movements have minimal editing to help you make artistic choices.

Listen to the Bach Partita arranged for alto flute.

Preview the score: