Mozart Flute Quartet in D Major (arr. for Woodwind Quartet)

The Mozart Flute Quartet in D Major is an important part of the flute repertoire. But we don’t all know violin, viola, and cello players.

If you want to play the piece but only know other woodwind players, give this arrangement a try. It contains the same flute part but with minimal edits. If you prefer, you can use the original flute part.

Meanwhile, the oboe covers the violin part, clarinet covers the viola, and the bassoon covers the cello. There are some minor changes to account for the different instrument ranges, but nothing crazy.

The quartet is an advanced piece, so it’s best for college, professional, and some advanced high school players.

Add some spark to your flute library with the Mozart Quartet in D Major. Play it on a chamber recital or on its own for a recording or live performance.

You’ll get a score and the individual parts, all in one PDF available for download.