SMART Goals Planner

Do you have a hard time setting goals? SMART goals can help you work toward something that make sense for you.

Whether you need to learn a new piece or prepare for a full recital, the SMART Goals Planner can help. It’s the perfect companion to a practice planner or any other tracker you use in the practice room.

What you’ll get:

  • One digital download
  • An explanation of SMART goals
  • Multiple example pages for goal-setting inspiration
  • 20 pages to set and plan goals yourself
  • The ability to reprint the file as much as you need

It’s your turn.

Setting goals doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. In fact, it can make what you have to do less scary. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals.

Instead, you can spend more of your time playing the instrument you love. You can make real, genuine progress. And you don’t even have to dedicate any extra time to practicing.

That’s right. You get to, I don’t know, live your life? I know, that’s a foreign concept to many musicians.

This SMART Goals Planner has everything you need to start setting better goals and working toward them. Gone are the days of practicing just to practice. Hoping that you’re making the progress you should.

Take control of your practicing.

You deserve to know how to practice efficiently. And you deserve to be able to do so and not spend all of your waking hours in a practice room.

Is the SMART Goals Planner Right for Me?

The SMART Goals Planner is an excellent option for any musician who struggles to manage their time. You can use it to track any sort of goal, from practicing more efficiently to learning a new piece of music.

How Do I Use the SMART Goals Planner?

You can download the planner to use on a tablet, such as an iPad. Use it with an annotation app to write directly on the file.

Another option is to print the file. Make as many copies as you need for all of the amazing goals you plan to set.

Preview the Planner: