Telemann 12 Fantasias (for Alto Flute)

Do you love playing the Telemann Fantasias for Flute? Would you like to play them on alto without them sounding in the incorrect keys?

Now’s your chance to download a transposed version of all 12 fantasias in one!

The alto flute is an amazing instrument, and it can be fun to play C flute pieces on it. Sure, you don’t have to transpose these unaccompanied works.

However, doing so can help you perform a more authentic version of the fantasia you want to learn.

In this version, the Telemann Fantasias are all written a fourth higher. That way, when you play the alto flute in G, the notes will sound a fourth lower.

Soon enough, you’ll be able play these solo or even with a friend. You can play the alto and the C flute, and you’ll sound in tune.

What You’ll Get

  • All 12 Telemann Fantasias (transposed up a fourth)
  • One convenient file
  • The ability to print the music or read it on an iPad
  • Unlimited downloads in case you lose the file
  • Bonus discount code to use on forScore and More

I had a fun time arranging these solos for the alto flute. If you’re looking to improve your playing with music you know, give these a try.

You can use them as a student, teacher, or performer.

Happy fluting!

Preview the music:

Who Is This Version of the Telemann Fantasias For?

This version of the Fantasias is for anyone who plays the alto flute. If you want to play more Baroque music on the instrument, give this edition a try.

Advanced players shouldn’t have a problem learning the music. However, it can take time to learn the different keys.

Do You Offer Returns?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer returns on digital sheet music. If you’re unhappy with the download, please email me at hannah(at) hannahbflute(dot)com.

I’ll do my best to resolve the situation!

I Have More Questions. What Do I Do?

Contact me via email, the contact page, or through Instagram DMs.