7DCC #2 Day 6: Clothes!

I am not as big of a clothing buyer/hoarder as most girls, so picking out clothes is not as hard as it could be. I have my clothes that I wear almost every week and I switch a few pieces out depending on my mood. I plan on taking the following when it comes to clothes:
10-12 camisoles
10-12 tee-shirts/tops
1-2 nice tops (one black or white, one colorful)
2-3 think cardigans/throw-on jackets
2-3 bras
14+ pairs of underwear
2-3 pairs of jean shorts
5 pairs of leggings
1? pair of jeans
2 pairs of athletic shorts
1 black skirt
1 nice dress
1-2 (maybe more) shirts to sleep in
1 robe

If you want to include shoes, I plan on bringing:
1 pair of flip flops to wear as flip flops
1-2 pairs of shower flip flops
2 pairs of comfy flats (I have a pair of black ballet-like flats and a pair of grey Bobs)
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of nicer sandals
1 pair of closed-toed formal shoes (I still need to buy these)

As I stated at the beginning, I don’t buy a ton of clothes, I really just buy the things I need and I buy new things when my old clothes wear out. Because of this, I will probably be taking most of the clothes that I wear on a regular basis.
Thanks for reading!

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