7DCC #4 Day 4: Transportation?

This day of the series is all about how to transport items from your home to your dorm. I am not moving very far from where I live, but at the same time, it is probably not the most realistic idea to think that on move in day, I can just make two trips. Because of this, my family and I will probably end up taking two cars. My dad drives an SUV type car and my mom will probably use the family’s CR-V for the rest of the stuff. I haven’t really figured too much out in the transportation department, but my guess is that we will pack as much as we can into one car, see if everything fits. If not, we will put stuff in a second car.
Not too much today, but I don’t think that transporting all of my stuff will be a problem. The biggest items are the fridge and the microwave, so those will definitely be loaded into the car first, and the rest of the stuff will fit in around in. One way or another, I will be all moved in in four days!
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