College Truths? Debunked

If you are on the internet as much as I am, you have probably come across someone blabbering about things that will inevitably happen when you are in college. Some of them are accurate, we all go through them, but not all of the “truths” are true for everyone. Here is a list of some college truths debunked.

Truth #1: You WILL pull an all-nighter.
My Experience: I don’t know about you, but I have had two years of college-more if I counted the classes I took while in high school-and I have never had to stay up all night to finish a project or assignment. Now, I’m definitely not the biggest procrastinator, but I do like my personal time. How have I avoided all-nighters? I either do assignments as soon as I can after they are assigned, or I make sure that I will have enough time later on to get everything done.
Truth #2: You WILL gain the Freshman Fifteen.
My Experience: Sure, I have gained a bit of weight since starting college, but that is because I don’t exactly have the healthiest of eating and fitness habits. If you eat well and get some physical activity, you won’t necessarily gain weight.
Truth #3: You won’t have fun unless you spend every night at a party.
My Experience: I don’t like parties or being in large groups for an extended period of time. Add in drugs, alcohol, and the atmosphere of parties, and you have found my hell. Why should I go to a party if I know I will be miserable, just to avoid FOMO? If you are not a party person, that’s okay. There are other ways to have fun.
Truth #4: You have to live with a roommate in the dorms your freshman year.
My Experience: For my freshman year, I went to a community college, and it was not an option for me to live in a dorm. I have turned out fine. Now, I’m a junior and have just moved in to the dorms for the first time at my university. I don’t have a roommate, and I don’t want one. I have a very particular way of living, and I don’t want to have to account to anyone. I will probably eventually share an apartment with someone, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
Truth #5: You shouldn’t transfer.
My Experience: if you start at a community college and want a bachelors degree, you will have to transfer. If you don’t end up liking the university you first chose to attend, you should transfer to a school where you feel you belong. Transferring, while not ideal, can give you a chance to find a better school if you believe one is out there.
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Truth #6: You should never shop at your university bookstore.
My Experience: If possible, you should try to find the lowest price for all of your books. Most of the time, the bookstore at your college won’t make that list, but sometimes it will. One of my political science books was $8 at the bookstore. An environmental science book was also less than $10. Also, I think you should consider using your bookstore for books with access codes. If you buy a book from Amazon or rent it from Chegg, the book probably won’t have an access code. That means you will just have to purchase one later, spending more money when you could have spent more upfront and saved money in the end. The last instance is when you have to get a book written specifically for your class. It might only be offered at the bookstore. The bookstore can be a helpful place to make things easier, so don’t completely avoid it, but don’t go crazy.
I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on college “truths” that I believe aren’t. College is an amazing experience, and it is different for everyone. Don’t buy into the belief that your experience will be the same as everyone else’s. You are your own person.
Thanks for reading!
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