Tips for Applying to College

If you are a high school senior or you are just preparing to apply to college no matter your age, this is the post for you. In this post, I will be giving some tips for how to do the best job when applying to different colleges. Please keep in mind that these tips come from my personal experience applying to schools, and the experience you have may be different. Nevertheless, you can still hopefully use these tips, even if it means making slight changes.

Tip #1: Apply online where you can.
Applying online versus through a paper application will save time, stress, and money. If you apply online, the admissions team will be able to view your application as soon as you hit send. You won’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail or somehow ending up in the wrong pile. Electronic applications will (probably, I don’t know, I’m not a college counselor) be sorted by a computer and they have a better chance of being received-and received quickly at that-than paper applications sent through the mail. The fees for online applications, at least for the colleges I applied to, were less than the fee for applying by mail.
Tip #2: Create a word document with your basic information.
This tip I stole from the YouTube channel daceycouture, but I’m going to change the bulk of the information just a little. When you start applying to colleges, especially if you are applying online, you will have to repeat quite a bit of information for each one-unless you are using the common application. Most college applications will require things like your name, address, phone number, email address, parent contact info, etc. To make things easier, you can type all of that information in a word document so that you don’t have to re type your name, address, phone… on each application that you fill out. All you would have to do is copy and paste the necessary information. If you can’t decide what to put in that document, fill out your first application, and then use the field required for inspiration.
Tip #3: Prioritize your applications.
If you have one or two colleges with early application deadlines, get those done first. That way you won’t have to worry about missing the cut off date. Also, applying early to schools with rigid deadlines might make you look better. Also, apply to all the schools on your list as early as you can, but don’t worry as much about the schools with what is called a “rolling deadline”. Those schools accept applications basically anytime, but there might still be deadlines for certain programs and majors that you are interested, so you still want to apply early.
Tip #4: Take the ACT and/or SAT as soon as you can.
If you have already taken the standardized test(s) you need, good for you. Get those scores sent soon! If you have not taken the proper standardized test, do it the next available date. You should do it early, that way you can retake the test if you aren’t happy with your score. Then when you are done with the test, send those scores off so you have one less thing to worry about.
Tip #5: Don’t wait to start your applications.
Start working on your applications early. I always think that you should avoid procrastination, and applying to college is no exception. Get those bad boys done. Even if you can’t finish an application in one go, many universities give you the option to create a login name and password so that you can save your work for later. If you are applying online or on paper, keep those applications organized and work on them on a regular basis.
My tips aren’t the most original, but they work. At least, I think they do. As always, take tips from others with a grain of salt, because everyone has a different experience in life, and we’re all different. I, for one, have no experience with the common application nor was I required to write any essays for college admission. Therefore, I have no experience in those areas and no tips to give. But, I hope the tips I gave can help you in some way, shape, or form when you are working on your applications.
Thanks for reading!

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