A Review of My Erin Condren Life Planner

I am quite the organized person, and I am always on the lookout for different planners and organization methods to try. I first heard about the Life Planner in August of 2013 when I saw a video about it on YouTube by a girl named Dacey. Her channel is YouTube.com/daceycouture. She is one of my favorite people to watch for college organization, and she seems like a generally nice person. I saw her first impressions video on the planner, but I didn’t really think much of it. Fifty dollars for a planner? That’s crazy! Until this past spring I heard from Dacey that the Erin Condren website was selling their planners on clearance so that they would have room to make and sell the new version which came out in June. The clearance price was $30 plus shipping, but I used a discount code that equated to free shipping. I was thrilled when my new planner arrived. It is a pretty hefty price, I won’t lie about that, but it is a very well made planner. The (removable) covers are completely customizable unless you get the ready to ship planner that comes with a coupon to customize a cover later. I got the pre-made planner, and then I customized my own cover:

I love this cover. I customized it with my name, and I also changed the color (which was originally dark blue) to sea foam green. The inside cover is pretty cute with a polka dot print:

I must say that the paper quality is amazing! I have yet to have any problems with ink bleeding through to the next page as it is thicker than the paper in planners that you see at stores like OfficeMax or Target. The 2014/15 version has a lot of quotes sprinkled throughout the planner, and I think the 2015/16 one does, too, just not as many. After the intro, you have all the planner pages, months and weeks together, January through December. In my planner, January through April are blank since I did not have this planner until the beginning of May. Following the calendar, there is a notes section with lines and blank paper. Then there is a two-year look ahead at 2016 and 2017. After that, the planner comes with stickers: a full page of birthday:

And another page with stickers that say: game, day off, hair appointment, dentist appointment, sale, doc appointment, concert, mani/pedi, party, and vacation.

After that, you get two pages of blank stickers, a column each in pink, violet, lavender, blue, turquoise, mint, forest green, olive? green, yellow, and tan. At the back of the planner, you get a two sided pocket to store little things like the free perpetual calendar book that comes with the planner.

The last thing in the planner is a clear zip-pocket so that you can store small things that you want to keep secured in your planner.

I didn’t get any of the Erin Condren brand accessories, and I don’t think they are absolutely necessary. I have been using this planner for the past 7 and a half months, and I love it.

My planning method changed a bit since I first started using it. At first, I used the stickers and the monthly view a lot. I also tracked my daily medicine and my showers for a while. I love the vertical layout, though. It makes much more sense to me to see my week going across a two page spread rather than down one page than down the opposite page.
Here is a blank week from before I got the planner:

Over the summer, I wrote down all of my assignments in the planner, because I was taking an online class. Since I had classes on campus this fall, I wrote down when I had class and only marked in important assignments and tests. I don’t know what I will do in the spring, but I will see. I would like to use it partly as a practice log to mark when and what I practice,

I really do love this planner, and while $50 plus shipping is a big price, I think that there is no way I can go back to the $10 planners you find in Target.

In case you are curious, it is on my Christmas Wishlist. If you want to order one for yourself or maybe as a gift, do so now, because it takes a while to get to you. Also, I might post a “Week in my Life” of my planner sometime in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for that. Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!

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