iPad Review for Musicians

As a musician, you have a lot of gear to carry. Add sheet music to that, and you could hurt your back. But in this iPad review, I’ll share a few ways you can use an iPad to lighten your load.

iPad Review for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

Not only can you use an iPad for sheet music, but you can also use it as a tuner. You can buy digital files or scan paper music, and you can keep everything in one place. Continue reading “iPad Review for Musicians”

IMSLP App: Overview and Tips

If you have an iPad, you may have a lot of apps on it already. But what’s one more? The IMSLP app is perfect for musicians who want to find and organize their music on the go.

IMSLP App: Overview and Tips

To make the most out of the app, you should know what it is and how to use it. The app has tons of features that you can use, and you can use the IMSLP app in a way that works for you. Continue reading “IMSLP App: Overview and Tips”

forScore: Beginner’s Guide

With the advancement of the internet and tablets like the iPad, more musicians are starting to go digital with their sheet music libraries. I am a part of the “revolution,” and many of us have taken to one particular app: forScore.

forScore: Beginner's Guide | Hannah B Flute

forScore is a digital sheet music reader, and it’s a must-have for any musician that uses an iPad for sheet music. If you want to convert part or all of your music to PDFs, you need this app. Continue reading “forScore: Beginner’s Guide”

Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?

If you play a lot of music, you know the struggle of keeping track of everything. But what if you could use an iPad for sheet music?

Hannah B Flute | Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?

That’s right. You can store your sheet music digitally. That can save you space, and you’ll know you always have what you need. Continue reading “Should You Use an iPad for Sheet Music?”

Recommended: Music Apps

I am part of many flute related Facebook groups, and I always see people looking for recommendations on what gear to buy, where to shop, etc. So I decided to create a little series here on the blog with my recommendations. Today’s entry is music apps.

Hannah B Flute | Recommended: Music Apps

Hopefully this series will be helpful to anyone shopping for a flute, a case, cleaning materials, music, or other accessories. I wanted to start with music apps, because a lot of them are free or cheap, and you can download them today. Continue reading “Recommended: Music Apps”