Symphony Pro 6 Review: Composing on the Go

I’ve used Symphony Pro 6 to compose sheet music that people have downloaded. And I’ve used it for a music theory assignment. Whether your a professional or student, you should consider the app.

Symphony Pro 6 Review | Hannah B Flute

It’s not too expensive, so you don’t need a huge budget. But you can still complete plenty of different musical composition projects.

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Best iPad Apps for Musicians

Without the best iPad apps for musicians, using an iPad can be hard. You might think you need to use the Files app to read sheet music, for example.

Best iPad Apps for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

Luckily, there are tons of apps that can help you be a better musician. That way, you don’t need to struggle or worry about finding those apps yourself.

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iPad Accessories for Musicians

Did you just get an iPad to use for sheet music or writing and recording music? You need some iPad accessories. That way, you can get more done without having to struggle!

iPad Accessories for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

I use everything from an Apple Pencil to a MIDI instrument. That way, I can make music more easily with my iPad. I don’t have to use my laptop just to create music, so I can save on space and weight.

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How to Use the Regular iPad for Sheet Music

Are you tired of carrying around a ton of sheet music? Consider if you should use the regular iPad to lighten your load without leaving important pieces at home.

How to Use the Regular iPad for Sheet Music | Hannah B Flute

I’ve used an iPad for sheet music for a couple of years. While it’s not perfect, it’s a pretty good, flexible option. It’s not nearly as massive as the Pro, but you can still use it to read and create sheet music.

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