SEO Blogging Checklist

Do you want to optimize your blog posts for SEO? SEO is tricky, especially if you aren’t a marketer or blogger at heart.

But you don’t have to hire someone to optimize your website for you.

Use this digital download to ask yourself the right questions when optimizing your blog posts for SEO.

Important Flute Repertoire

The flute is one of the oldest instruments, so there’s a lot of flute repertoire out there for all members of the flute family. However, a lot of those works aren’t as important as a select few.

Download this sheet to refer to when you want to explore some important works from the flute repertoire. The list is organized by time period, so you can choose a work from your favorite style or a style that you want to work on.

Put this sheet in your flute notebook or on your desk, and refer to it whenever you need some rep inspiration.

Ledger Lines Exercise

Think you can read ledger lines easily?

Well, this exercise will test your limits!

The entire exercise is above the staff, and some of it goes pretty far above.

So brace yourself (and your eardrums). But don’t be afraid, because we all have to learn to read ledger lines!

There’s no better time than now!

Music Binder Section Dividers

Here are some section dividers so you can make your music binder super organized!

Whether you’re a music student or teacher, you need to organize your music. And if you use a binder, you need this!

I have some standard sections, but there’s also a couple of blank ones so you can make whatever sections you want.