Musical Instrument Mondays!-An Organ Speaker

For today’s installment of my Musical Instrument Mondays series, I don’t have an instrument, rather it is a piece of equipment to be used with an organ. That is called the Leslie speaker. I not only saw one on my visit to the musical instrument museum, but I have also had the pleasure of playing through one using an organ. Here is a picture of the one at the museum:

I’m not exactly the best at taking photos, but this is what the outside looks like. The speaker is usually closed, but it can be open. It’s really cool to see an open one being played through because you get to see two rotating speakers inside that make for a good, rich sound.
So that’s it for part three. I will have one more next Monday as I am only doing this in April.
If you have any ideas for posts or short series like this one, comment below because I would love some inspiration!
Thanks for reading!

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