7DCC #3 Day 5: Organization

So, I have not started packing anything yet, but I have a plan in my mind of how I would like to pack things. I am going to outline that plan here.
For clothes, I plan on putting those in a duffel bag and for overflow, I will be putting the rest into one of my suitcases, either my carry-on size one or my bigger one. I might try to have my fancy clothes travel in their own garment bags, if that is possible. For shoes, I will be putting them in baggies to keep the dirt off of my clothes surrounding them. If you want to read more about what clothes I will be bringing, check out my last post in this countdown.
I plan on putting as much of my office supplies into my backpack and overflow will go into a suitcase, unless I decide to bring a tote bag (in which case overflow of books will go there). I will also do the same with my music books and accessories. As far as the instruments themselves, my flutes will probably go into a suitcase or ride on their own.
Things like my wallet, driver’s license, student id, money, and other small things will go in my purse. My planner will either go in there or with my office supplies. I will also try to put things that I might need often in my purse so that I can get to them quickly.
Other small items will probably end up in a suitcase or inside a larger item. My microwave and fridge will both be on their own. I might need a few boxes in which to put my bedding and other things that don’t fit inside the convenient rolling suitcase.
I cannot make any concrete plans yet, because I think that most of my packing will be done this coming weekend, when both of my parents will be home all day to help me out. I know this was probably not the most interesting post, but it is what I have at the moment.
P.S. I will still be uploading an entry to my Thoughtworthy series later today.
Thanks for reading!

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