A Day in the Life: College Music Major

Now that I am a few weeks into the semester, I have been able to settle into a routine. Today, I am showing you what a typical Monday looks like for me. I have quite a few classes, so I will go through those I have on Mondays. Today is Labor Day, so I don’t have classes, but here is how my Mondays are right now.

7:00am Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast in my dorm
8:00am Go to music building to practice for lessons, ensembles, etc.
10:00am Music History I class
11:00am Music Theory III
12:00pm Break-lunch and a bit of chill time alone
1:00pm Earth Science Lecture for 80 minutes
2:30pm Get ready for marching band (change into athletic shorts, put on sunscreen)
3:00pm Marching band Rehearsal
5:00pm Shower after rehearsal
5:30pm Dinner with some of my floor mates
7:00pm Homework/more practice time/chill time in the dorm
10:00pm Bedtime routine
Mondays are hard for everyone, but I am doing music, something that I love. That makes things a little easier. Over the course of the rest of the semester, I might do more days in my life for other days of the week, because no two days are the same for me. (Well, Monday and Wednesday are pretty similar, but that’s beside the point.)
Also, at the middle of the semester, my Monday and Wednesday afternoons will be a little different as I will have concert band from 3-4 and marching from 4-5.
Thanks for reading!

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