How to Get Back Into Practicing After a Break

When the world shut down in March 2020, that included music venues and groups. Now that things are starting to return to normal (at least in the US), you may need to start practicing after a break from playing.

How to Get Back Into Practicing After a Break | Hannah B Flute

But how should you go about it? What if you haven’t touched your instrument in a year? You can get back into practicing after a break, whether that break lasted a week or a year.

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Business Tools for Musicians

As a musician, you may think of yourself as creative and NOT a business person. But you need business tools to help run your career and get work done. That way, you can make a living from your craft.

Free and Paid Business Tools for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

Whether you’re a performer, private teacher, or something else, these business tools are essential. Even if you find alternatives, you need something from each category.

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How to Find Your Niche as a Musician

Do you want to become a professional musician? Are you struggling to get gigs, students, or work in general? Consider how to find your niche so that you can stand out and give your career some direction.

How to Find Your Niche as a Musician | Hannah B Flute

Finding your niche is essential to starting and growing as a pro musician. Whether you focus on performing, teaching, or a combination of things, your niche will help.

Keep reading to learn more about what a niche is and how to find yours.

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Productivity in the Winter

I don’t know about you, but winter is my least favorite season. It always has been, and it probably always will be. I hate the cold, well, the cold winds. Snow and ice don’t help either. So my productivity in the winter drops considerably.

Hannah B Flute | Productivity in the Winter

In high school, I started to develop an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. My body started attacking its own healthy cells in my thyroid, and that caused my thyroid to stop doing its job of controlling my metabolism.

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