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This post may be better for spring, but at this point, I will be talking about living in a single dorm. This post will be mostly about my experience so far, and I plan on doing a follow up to this in January regarding the process of requesting housing-single or other.
I requested a single room for many reasons. First, I have never had to share a room with anyone except on vacations. I also have a very specific way of living. I don’t like clutter. I realize that I may not be getting the normal roommate experience, but I am completely fine with that.
One of the benefits of a single room, at least at my college, is that I didn’t have to write a roommate agreement. I don’t have to live with another person and worry about their schedule or having to deal with sharing such close quarters with someone. One thing that makes my single dorm experience different from others is that my entire floor is single dorms. There are about 15 of us who all have our own rooms. Going into it, I was a little worried that everyone would keep to themselves. As someone who wanted their own room, I understand not wanting to spend their free time with strangers. That didn’t happen, however. I have made great friends with a couple of the people on my floor. We are all new to the university, even though we are not freshman. That definitely made things easier. If everyone had their own friend groups, I would have probably just been a loner.
I understand that a single room is not for everyone. Some people like the comfort of having someone else around to talk to. For others, the added cost of a single room (it does cost more than a double) is not worth it. Overall, I have had a great first month living in a single dorm, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.
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