Q&A: March 2016

So, even though I don’t have a huge audience, and even though I have yet to receive questions about me or this blog or my life, I thought I would write a post interviewing myself about things that are relevant to me and my blog. I hope you like it or find interesting!

Q: When and why did you start this blog?
A: Well, this was not actually my first blog. I had another one that is not up anymore, and I wanted a blog that could be more broad. I started this blog under the name It’s Mixed Arts. I came up with that name a long time ago. It was my then-current email account name, and I was interested in blogging about more than just music. I have since realized that music and life as a music major should be the sole focus of my blog. I changed the name to Killer Harmony in January 2016. I plan on blogging for a long time, but my schedule might not always allow me to post twice a week. I hope to continue at least once a week. Twice when I can.
Q: What exactly is your major?
A: My major is music performance. I have a focus in flute. I am also attempting to pursue a Spanish minor next year, but it might be difficult considering I am supposed to graduate next spring. (Eek!)
Q: Where do you go to school?
A: I would rather not say my location exactly, but I go to a small state school in the middle of the country. #NOTaflyoverstate
Q: What are your school’s requirements for a music major? Are they standard?
A: I am required to take four semesters of music theory and ear training and sight singing classes. I would have had to take four semesters of group piano, but I passed out of all four semesters. I also have to take lessons each semester and perform in both large and small ensembles each semester. I have to take marching bad in the fall. I take wind ensemble all year and flute choir all year. I also will be taking basic conducting this fall. As a performance major, I must complete a junior and a senior recital. Then there is a whole list of general education courses. My university is accredited by the NASM, so I would say the requirements are standard.
Q: Do you play anything besides flute?
A: I can also play some auxiliary flutes, such as piccolo, alto and bass flutes. I can work my way around recorder. I can also play piano, clarinet, saxophone, and a little oboe.
Q: How much do you practice a day?
A: It varies depending on my schedule. I try to get at least 1.5 hours on flute and 30-45 minutes on piano as those are the instruments I take lessons for. I don’t have time to practice much else. I also try and do some piccolo for 30 of not every day, every other day. Sometimes, I will have been able to play for 3+ hours of flute per day. It really depends.
Q: Do you live on or off campus?
A: I live on campus in an upperclassman single dorm. I like the convenience, but the size of my university doesn’t lend itself to the best of options when it comes to on campus food. I’m a picky eater, so I would love if I could cook my own food instead of having to eat at the cafeteria. I will probably get an apartment in the next couple of years, though.
Q: Do you drive in your college town?
A: I don’t really find it necessary. I can walk to the pharmacy and grocery stores easily, and I have friends who could give me a ride if I needed to go farther. I might bring my car down in the future, but right now, I don’t miss it.
Q: What are your post college plans?
A: I would love to start teaching lessons privately, possibly in my college town. I am considering a graduate degree in music from my same university. Since I transferred from a community college, I would like to stay at my school for another couple years for a fuller experience.
Q: What do you see happening with this blog as part of your future?
A: right now, the only time that I have enough time to devote to blogging is during school breaks and during the weekends. I am on spring break pre-writing content for the rest of the semester, and depending on things, I might be cutting back to one post per week instead of two. I’m not sure for how long, but I want to create high quality content rather than high quantity.
Well, there you have it. Some questions and answers about me, my life, and my blog. I hope you enjoyed it! I am working on more to come!
Thanks for reading!

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