Best iPhone Apps: Summer 2016

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So, I normally don’t do these types of posts going through my phone and all. I mean, my phone is a pretty private thing. I decided to write a little bit about my favorite iPhone apps so that I can hopefully show you guys some new and interesting programs to try out. I should say that since I have an iPhone, I will be talking about apps that I know are available for iPhone. I’m not totally sure if some of these apps have an equivalent for Android, Blackberry, or Windows.

Killer Harmony | Best iPhone Apps: Summer 2016 | Phone apps are pretty great. You can surf the web, creep on social media, listen to music, and do a lot on the go. In this post, I share some of my favorite apps for iPhone. They are mostly free, except one, which is only $4! I hope you enjoy!
Apps are an amazing thing. They let us do a lot with our small and portable smartphones/mini computers. Almost nothing is better than being able to access the world wide web from (basically) anywhere. Apps make accessing certain things easier or just more fun. Here are some of my current favorite iPhone apps.

PlayTube is an awesome app for playing music. You can login to your YouTube account and play videos without needing to have the app open on your screen. I know, they have YouTube Red now, but I’m in college, and that means I’m on a budget. Plus, budget or not, free is better in almost any situation.

I talked a little bit about this app in my post Laptop vs iPad, but basically Puffin is a third party browser that has more functionality than Safari. You can more easily bypass the mobile browser view, and it even allows you to access websites and play videos that require Flash! You can also pull up an onscreen track pad to make navigating the page easier. This app does cost money (about 4 bucks), but it is totally worth it if you need to do a lot of web browsing on your phone.


I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t love Pinterest, so I had to include it in this list. I love browsing Pinterest for tips and tricks on how to make this blog better for you all, and I love supporting other bloggers, too. Also, quite a bit of traffic comes here from Pinterest, so if that’s you, let me know in the comments! The app makes it really easy to copy the link to my newest post and pin it to different boards. I will also use the built in browser to look at cool blog posts that I want to pin.


I have recently been getting into Snapchat more and more. I love using it as sort of a step to vlogging, because I can be on video but I don’t have to worry about editing it. I also post some random things on there (mostly daily life stuff and other funny things) that you won’t find anywhere else.


I love OneNote! I know that some people use Evernote, but since I have a student package with Microsoft, I get 1 TB (so basically unlimited) storage with Microsoft’s cloud: OneDrive. That includes OneNote. I use the app to log post ideas and other quick things related to my blog when I am on the go, and I use the desktop counterpart on my computer.


Since I use currently the Blogger platform, I have to have its corresponding app on my phone. That way, if I have some extra time but don’t have my laptop with me, I can start drafting a new blog post on the go. The app doesn’t have much else to it, though, so I still like to use my computer to check statistics and other things.

Update: I switched to WordPress, so if you use that platform to blog or read blogs, you should get it!


I don’t really have many group chats, so I don’t have much of a use for GroupMe aside from my school’s Odyssey group. I have been writing for Odyssey since April, and I would like to continue through next school year, but I have a feeling that senior year could get the best of me, so we’ll see! Either way, it’s a cool app, and I like that you can “like” someone’s post in the chat.


This app is amazing for anyone who plays an instrument and doesn’t want to lug around an extra three pieces of equipment. The app comes with a tuner, metronome, and audio recorder. How cool is that! I always have my phone with me, so it’s nice to not have to worry about carrying around, let alone, buying all of those things that come with the app.

So, those are some of my favorite iPhone apps at the moment. I hope you found something new that you might like to test out. I believe that all of these apps are free, except for Puffin Browser. Also, OneNote requires a Microsoft subscription, but if you are a student, you can get a four-year subscription for around $70.
So, do you have any favorite phone apps that you absolutely love and must share with the world? Drop ’em in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @HannahHaefele

Thanks for reading!

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